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A lot of families who own dogs treat them like furrier family members. They give us joy, security, and some of them even provide valuable services to human beings.

Among these hard-working service dogs are police dogs, military dogs, and of course, guide dogs. It is important to take good care of our dog’s health the same way we do our own health. To monitor the health status of your canine friend, equip then with an activity tracker for guide dogs.

Uses of Activity Trackers

Activity Trackers for Guide Dogs

Activity trackers for guide dogs are just like any other normal activity tracker aside from its special vibration and sound alert feature. The activity tracker has a lot of beneficial purposes. Among these are the following:

  • It helps you monitor your dog’s health.

Activity trackers for guide dogs show you their heart rate and breathing patterns. Knowing their current heart rate and breathing patterns make it easier for you to spot any irregularities in their health.

  • Activity trackers can also let the dog owners determine the daily activities of the dog.

It can tell you if the dog is sleeping all day, staying in one place for a very long period of time, or if its walking pace is slow, normal, or fast.

  • Anxiety, stress, and temperature can also be detected by the activity tracker for guide dogs.

It is a very helpful device in keeping your dog healthy. It can give you a heads up about your dog’s health even before you consult a veterinarian. Monitoring the overall health of your dog has now become a lot easier and simpler than before thanks to activity trackers for guide dogs available on the market. It is definitely one of the best gifts you can give to your dog in return for their kindness and loyalty to you.

Advantages of Using Activity Trackers

Activity Trackers for Guide DogsActivity trackers for guide dogs have a lot of advantages to offer. Compared to the standard activity tracker out in the market, this one has two special features that are specifically tailored for visually impaired or blind guide dog owners. Check the advantages of using activity tracker for guide dogs below:

  • It has vibration and sound alert feature that lets dog owners, even those who are visually impaired or blind, know that there is something wrong with their dog’s condition.
  • If you are hiring someone else to walk your dog, you can keep track of how much walking your guide dog does. You can check whether your new dog walker is doing his/her task well.
  • If your dog is sick, you could use this to monitor the stability of their health.

This gives you some ease of mind even when your dog is not given hospital admission. This can even serve as your dog’s thermometer.

  • If your dog is sick and is taking medication, you can check if the medication is taking effect or not with the use of an activity tracker for guide dogs.

The things stated above are just a few of the many advantages of using activity trackers for guide dogs. If you want to enjoy all these advantages, buy an activity tracker for your best buddy now!

Challenges of Using Activity Trackers

Now that we have touched upon the benefits of using activity trackers for guide dogs, let us discuss the challenges that come with using it. Check the list below:

  • It only works with an Internet connection or Bluetooth (depending on the model you have). Bluetooth can give you headaches. It is quite a troublesome feature.
  • If your gadget is Wi-Fi-dependent, it can work well at home, but you might find it inconvenient especially when you are going outdoors, or you need to be away from home for some time.
  • Some models can have very limited functions. Thus, you can always resolve this issue if you choose an activity tracker for guide dogs wisely.

The reasons stated above are the main issues of an activity tracker for guide dogs. Aside from those, it is difficult to find a thing to complain about dog activity trackers. While it has some disadvantages, pet owners love the fact that it offers more advantages.


Yes, there are a lot of durable and reliable activity trackers for guide dogs in the market today. However, there are also some activity trackers that do not bring complete satisfaction to the dog owner due to lacking features. This is why you have to check and think carefully before making your final decision. If possible, always look for reliable reviews from previous and current users online. This will help you in your decision making. To look for the best activity trackers available in the market, visit

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