Tracking dogs are a type of dog that is trained to locate a particular object or place through the use of certain scents. This kind of skill is needed by dogs, especially if they're going to be in the wild, looking for prey.

Maybe your dog has the potential to be a tracking dog, and it might be necessary for you to check out the best GPS trackers out there for your tracking dog. It will keep your dog safe during a mission. Rest assured that your dog will be able to find his way home through this device.


GPS trackers are useful tools to know the location of your dog even if he's not with you. If you let your dog hunt in the wild, an innovative GPS tracker will entirely be useful for you and your dog. These revolutionary pet wearables can be used to:

  • Locate your tracking dog, especially if he is in the wild
  • Locating the exact point where your tracking dog has found something
  • Find lost dogs for higher retrieval rate
  • Connect to either 2g or 3g coverage
  • Share data for smartphones for easy viewing


Having the best tracker on hand means giving your dog the best equipment to help him with his tasks. There are other benefits can also help dog handlers protect their tracking dogs such as:

  • Keeping track of tracking dogs in a vast area
  • Best used for tracking dogs who have a tendency to run away
  • Gives you insight on your dog’s behavior and exercise habits
  • Can be used to rescue someone found by your tracking dog
  • You can quickly map it on your PC
  • Provides you with higher precision in tracking
  • You can keep track on the activity level of your tracking dog


While the technology for pet wearables continues to grow, there is no perfect solution for finding a lost dog. There also various issues to correct when it comes to GPS tracking technology. One of the limitations that you need to consider with these devices is its reliability and accuracy.

Pet owners need to make sure that there is a good phone signal or satellite access to use your GPS tracker without any problem; however, some places have a weaker signal, and this is already something not in your control.

Current Products

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

Whistle GPS, Whistle Zone, Multiple Pet Usage, Waterproof, Real-time LocatingAs one of the most favorite products in the line of GPS trackers, the Whistle can be the perfect companion for your tracking dog. Do take note that this GPS tracker requires you to pay a monthly subscription for you to maximize its features.

The reason why it is considered as one of the best pet wearables is that it offers a wide array of features alongside its tracking capabilities. Here are some of the best features of the Whistle GPS tracker:

  • Whistle Zone can be customized, and you will receive an alert if your tracking dog goes beyond the boundaries you set for him
  • The exact location can be tracked directly using your smartphone
  • Real-time locating of your pet with the use of satellite imagery
  • Multiple pets can be linked to one device
  • Uses GPS technology is used together with cellular coverage
  • Waterproof and very durable

Marco Polo Pet Monitoring System

Marco Polo Monitoring System, Long battery life, real-time locating, 90 days of continuous usage, lightweight and suitable for smaller dogsEureka Technology has never failed in providing the best technology for its clients. One of the best innovations when it comes to GPS tracking is the Marco Polo Monitoring System. This GPS tracker is in the form of a radio pet locator.

This pet wearable is suitable for tracking dogs because radio signals are sent straight to handheld devices and can be attached to the collar. This ensures that the device will always give you the exact location with just a simple click of a button.

This smartphone-based GPS tracker can be used for professional purposes for your tracking dogs. Although it is a bit expensive, you will never regret its good quality and its features such as:

  • Works anywhere even if there is no cell connection or GPS, this can work well if you are abroad
  • No need to pay for a monthly subscription
  • Long battery life that can last up to 90 days of continuous usage
  • Three pets can benefit from one collar
  • Lightweight and suitable for smaller dogs as well

Tag GPS Tracker

Tag GPS Tracker, Precision in locating, Tag Family Plan, free downloadable App, long battery usageAnother GPS tracker suitable for tracking dogs is the Tagg. This device has already received recognition for its reliable GPS tracking service that is incomparable to other GPS trackers on the market.

You need to pay your monthly subscription fee to enjoy the benefits of this product, though you also need to pay a one-time activation fee. Although it doesn't have the capability to produce a whistling sound like other GPS trackers, it remains as one of the best and most sought-after trackers in the market.

  • You will receive a text message or email alert if your tracking dog suddenly leaves the house
  • Precision when locating your dog through the GPS feature, and it uses the largest wireless network in the USA
  • Very light and has proven its durability in different situations
  • Extended battery usage that can last up to 30 days
  • Dog's location is shown on an interactive map
  • Exercise levels can also be tracked down through the free downloadable app
  • Other pets can enjoy discounts through the Tagg family plan
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