Looking at the list of Best Pet Activity Tracker we noticed that the number of devices in the market is increasing, hence we have decided to keep this page updated with new comers instead of creating a new page every time, so make sure to check back in occasionally to see what’s new in the world of pet activity trackers.

But now let’s start with the current list of pet activity trackers.

Pitpat dog activity monitor

PitPat trackerPitpat is a dog activity monitor that pairs with an app on your smart phone to record and track your dog’s exercise, activities, and location.

Features of pitpatpet tracker

Using Pitpatpet is as simple as clipping the unit to your dog’s collar, downloading the free app on your;

  • Android
  • iPhone

and logging in to see your dog’s activities.

Dog owners use the tracker and its associated app to determine whether their dogs are getting enough exercise, as well as seeing what their dogs are up to while their owners are away.

The PitPat activity tracker monitors a number of different metrics.

It records the length of time your dog is;

  • walking
  • running
  • resting
  • playing

It allows you to set goals, track your dog’s progress toward those goals, and even calculate the number of calories your dog is burning so you can adjust his diet and exercise.

Whether you are tracking your own dog-walking or keeping tabs on your kids, pet sitter, or kennel, you can assure yourself that your dog is getting sufficient exercise to meet his needs.

Cons of Pitpat activity tracker

  • The battery of the PitPat unit occasionally needs to be replaced with an inexpensive battery like those used in watches. Although it can be inconvenient if your battery has run out while you are trying to track your dog, most owners prefer this minor inconvenience and expense to the hassle of regularly recharging the unit by plugging it in.
  • The unit is water resistant, but not entirely waterproof. If your dog is a swimmer, it may not withstand prolonged or frequent immersion.
  • One restriction on PitPat use is that it can only be used with one smart phone. In a household with more than one adult, you will have to choose whose phone carries the tracking information.

Pros of Pitpatpet

  • Unlike some GPS trackers and monitors that need to be recharged, PitPat is designed to clip to your dog’s collar and stay there. You can unfasten the velcro to take it off, but it will stay in place regardless of what your dog is up to.
  • The PitPat app can sync with as many as three different dogs, when each dog has a PitPat tracker attached to his collar.

Fitbark dog activity monitor

Fitbark dog activity monitorFitbark is marketed as the canine equivalent of the human Fitbit tracker. It monitors much more than time walking, extending into monitoring of sleep and activities so you can make decisions about your dog’s health.

Features of fitbark activity monitor

Fitbark is fully compatible with Fitbit as well as HealthKit and Google Fit, so you can monitor your dog’s goals and fitness right along with your own. It has the same social networking capabilities as a Fitbit, and allows you to interact with other pet owners as well as bonding with your dog.

Cons of this Fitbark monitor

  • The Fitbark does need periodic recharging, for which it must be removed from your dog’s collar and plugged in. However, a charge should last for fourteen days between charging sessions.

Pros of fitbark activity monitor

  • Due to the popularity of the Fitbit, many people are choosing this pet health monitor for their dogs. Because of its compatibility, dog owners enjoy integrating their dog’s fitness and goals with their own.
  • The Fitbark pet activity tracker enables dog owners to monitor more than just steps walked or amount of exercise. You can also watch your dog’s sleep patterns, be alerted to illness or pain in your dog, and even monitor separation anxiety when you are away.
  • Veterinarians are also making use of the information gathered by the Fitbark as they treat their pet patients and make recommendations for their ongoing improved health.
  • The Fitbark is waterproof and rugged, and its battery lasts for as long as two weeks at a time. It syncs with your smart phone using an Internet connection, and interacts with a number of free apps.

 Tractive motion activity tracker

Tractive motion activity trackerThis device tracks your pet using your smartphone. All you need to do is attach Tractive motion to your dog’s collar and you’ll be notified of your pets location instantly on your paired smartphone 24X7.

Cons of Tractive motion pet activity tracker

  • Some pet owners dislike the fact that the unit needs to be charged regularly. Different adapters are available for travel, or for charging by USB, but the fact remains that the unit must be charged regularly to maintain its functionality.

Pros of tractive motion pet activity monitor

  • Tractive focuses on the larger picture of pet ownership, producing not only the pet wearable accessories, but also a variety of mobile apps and the Tractive Photos social media platform where pet owners can interact with one another and post pet photos.
  • If you are a pet owner of multiple pets, you can adopt the system for your dogs as well as your cat, and make use of the dog training applications along with tracking technology.

Wonderwoof Bowtie

Wonderwoof BowtieWonderwoof bowtie is a dog activity monitor that clips to any collar and interacts with your smart phone.

Features of wonderwoof activity tracker

WonderWoof is designed as a colorful bowtie that looks like a cute accessory when it is clipped to your dog’s collar.

Simply charge the bowtie, clip it to your pup’s collar, and pair the bowtie with your free Wonderwoof app. The free app allows you to map your dog’s walks, set reminders for his care, and subscribe for dog news and social interactions with other dog owners.

Cons of wonderwoof bowtie

  • The Wonderwoof bowtie is small and plastic and (when disconnected from a collar) apparently appealing to dogs who like to chew. The problem is pervasive enough to warrant a space on the company’s FAQ page, addressing what to do if chews on (or swallows!) the bowtie.

Pros of wonderwoof tracker

  • The social networking aspect of this product is highly appealing to many dog owners. You can create a “dog profile” and friend other dogs and their owners, and even organize play dates or “pawties” to your calendar.
  • The app works with multiple dogs as well as multiple care-takers’ smart phones for the same dog.
  • Wonderwoof calculates daily activities and correlates them with goals that are specific to your dog’s breed and age.

Whistle pet tracker

Whistle pet trackerWhistle is a small box-shaped device that attaches to your pet’s collar to track activity levels and location around the clock.

Features of whistle activity monitor

Whistle uses not only GPS, but also cellular technology to keep tabs on your pet. The cellular aspect allows for notifications by text or email or in-app to let you know when your pet is headed out of the boundaries you have set as safe.

Cons of whistle dog tracker

  • Unlike the products that only require a one-time purchasing cost, Whistle requires a subscription to a cellular plan to function. Some pet owners would prefer not to incur an ongoing expense in order to enjoy their pet’s activity tracker.
  • Additionally, you need a separate subscription for each additional pet if you have more than one, so the cost can climb pretty quickly.

Pros of whistle dog activity tracker

  • Pet owners enjoy the tracking functions, the ability to map their pets’ “trips” whenever they leave a designated home base, and the notification features that go directly to the paired smart phone.
  • Pet health is improved when pet owners can track patterns (and changes) in their pets’ sleep and activities.

PetKit Fit P2

Petkit Fit P2PetKit's Fit P2 is a metallic disk that fits to your pet’s collar, collects information stored in the Cloud, and sends an analysis of your pet’s activities to your smart phone app.

Features of petkit p2

This product is unique in its usage of the Cloud storage to collect data. After analysis and calculations, the data are sent to your phone’s free app in the form of a full report on your pet’s activity and performance.

It can even calculate your pet’s food intake against calories burned, to be sure your pet is maintaining a healthy balance.

Cons of petkit activity monitor

  • The PetKit Fit P2 may be pricier than some other devices, particularly if you add in the cost of the sensored food bowl, but many pet owners find the price is worth it.

Pros of petkit monitor

  • Many pet owners enjoy the sleek and elegant look of this device. If a plastic bowtie strikes you as “cheesy” rather than “cute,” this sleek circular metallic unit might just fit the bill.
  • The device is sturdy, scuff resistant, waterproof, and easy for even smaller pets to wear.
  • In addition to pairing with your phone, the Fit P2 also pairs with a food bowl equipped with sensors, enabling the app to calculate your pet’s consumption as well as his activities.
  • Unlike some devices that require regular recharging, the Fit P2 uses a button battery that lasts for several months at a time. When it’s time to charge the battery, your phone app will let you know.

Mypoof Pea & Bean pet trackers

Mypoof Pea & Bean pet trackersPoof manufactures two different pet activity trackers;

  • The Pea
  • The Bean

which can be distinguished by their shapes (round Pea and oblong Bean).

Features of Poof Pea & Bean

Combined with the Poof app, the Pea and Bean not only monitor various aspects of your pet’s day, but also allow you to network with other pet parents and “score” your pet’s health against other Poof pets in your social network, much like the FitBit people use.

Cons of poof pet activity tracker

  • The Poof app is available for both iPhone and Android phones, but the phone itself has to have a recent enough operating system. If you don’t have one of the compatible phones, or the updated OS, you won’t be able to interact with the device on your pet.

Pros of poof pet activity tracker

  • The waterproof Pea has a battery life of as much as six months, and monitors activity, sleep, and calorie consumption and burning. Smaller than a quarter, this device works well even on the collars of small pets like cats and smaller dogs.
  • The waterproof Bean has a battery life of about two months, and also monitors activity, sleep, and calories. Just one inch wide, the Bean also can fit well for smaller pets.

FelCana pet monitor

FelCana pet monitorFelCana is a health monitor that is designed for both dogs or cats, offering an “ecosystem” of responsive and connected devices to monitor pets. It provides not only information about your pet’s activities, but also analysis and insights based on those metrics.

Features of Felcana activity tracker

In addition to tracking basic activities, FelCana also collects vital stats that your vet can use to identify critical issues in your pet’s care and health. The device allows you to remotely turn on a light to make your pet more visible at night, and it allows you to monitor her when you are away.

Cons of Felcana activity monitor

  • If you’re looking for a device you can start using right now, you might have to hold on for a few more months. FelCana is launching its device in the summer of 2017, so it is not yet available. If you think it’s worth the wait, you can sign up in advance of the launch.

Pros of Felcana pet activity tracker

  • FelCana was developed by veterinarians, and its focus is truly on maintaining the health of the pets that wear it. With a variety of devices in the offing, you will have choices to fit your pets as soon as the product launches.

This concludes our list of Best pet activity tracker for now, and like I mentioned in the beginning the list will be continued when new pet activity monitors come available in the future.

I hope this list helps you to make smart decisions and get the activity tracker for your pet that matches the needs and gives you the best value for your hard earned money.

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