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Having a tracking dog is not that easy.  While regular pets do not require constant training and strict fitness regimens, tracking dogs must be kept in the best shape possible so they can be the best at what they do: track. However, even a disciplined tracking dog can eventually get lost, and this is where smart dog collars come in.

These pet wearables are used to monitor and track lost dogs. They are aimed to provide vital identification for those who find your dog. Your number and other necessary details will be given to let them know who to call and where to take your lost pet.


Smart dog collars can help an awful lot, especially if you have a tracking dog that is very active. These uses should not be underestimated because it can mean the safety of your dog from danger. Smart dog collars can help protect tracking dogs with the help of these uses:

  • Providing information of the owner of the lost dog
  • Used to store vital information about the dog, including the breed and age
  • Retrieval of tracking dogs is made easier thanks to the technology used to create smart dog collars


Providing your dog with the best smart dog collars means lessening the chance of getting your pooch lost forever. Here are some of the advantages that you’ll get with these pet wearables:

  • Retrieval rate of your dog will be higher
  • It will be easier to monitor and track the activities of your pooch using this modern dog tag
  • Vital information that is stored in the microchip is shareable to your smartphone and another mobile platform
  • You can view the information on your desktop computer, and you can sync the information and details if you want to update it.
  • Can act like your virtual leash
  • You have the option to send alerts and notifications to different shelters about the lost dog


If you are willing to purchase a smart dog collar, then you must also be aware of the problems that can come when using it. Some brands might require pet owners to pay for monthly subscription. It can be challenging for some because the features that you’ll be getting will be the basis of your monthly subscription. Some high-end smart collars might even be more expensive than mobile plans.

Another consideration that you need to be aware of is the battery life of the device. To keep an eye on your tracking dog 24/7, consider getting a smart dog collar that has a long battery life.

Current Products

Squeaker Dog Collar

When it comes to Smart Dog Collars, Squeaker Collar has already made its name. Your tracking dog often loves walking, jogging, or running and if you want to keep him in sight, then you should let him wear a Squeaker Collar.

This pet wearable was created as an illuminated LED collar that provides ultimate light distribution over the entire collar itself. It has the ability to minimize discoloration, and you can view this pet wearable for up to 1 kilometer. If you want to train your tracking dog at night, be sure to have them wear this on their necks.

  • Dual pair optics
  • Three flashing modes and static glow
  • Fully rechargeable
  • Each end of the collar has two LED lights
  • Optical fiber strips

PetSafe Big Dog Remote Collar

Boost Button, Waterproof Collar, Correction Signals, Fully Adjustable, 16-Levels of StimulationIf your tracking dog is a big breed that weighs over 40lbs, then PetSafe Big Remote Collar is the product to check out. Aside from this, it can work up to 100-yard range. The correction signal is being delivered by a handheld transmitter.

This collar places the key for effective disciplinary training to your tracking dog. You can also gain control of your dog through this collar. The best thing is that you can train your pooch off-leash with the PetSafe Collar.

  • Fully adjustable and can be worn by different sizes of dogs
  • Waterproof collar
  • Correction signals delivered by handheld remote
  • 16-levels of stimulation for dogs
  • Boost button for dog distraction

PetSafe Paws Away Pet Barrier

Another innovation from PetSafe is the Paws Away Pet Barrier with the feature of keeping your pet away from some places in your home or outside. It is operated using a transmitter that can detect the spot where your dog is.

This is an active device in training your tracking dog. The static shock will progress into different levels as you go nearer and nearer to the transmitter. Aside from this, it is also very effective in preventing the overstimulation on your dog. Owners should consider getting this for their tracking dogs because it has multiple features such as:

  • Trains your dog to stay away from certain areas
  • Adjustable to about six feet
  • Correction prompts
  • Barrier transmitter
  • Can run for several hours
  • Effective in disciplining your dog

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