Dogs in the Customs and Borders Protection (CBP) can be subject to stressful situations where they are exposed to potential dangers, extreme weather conditions, and intense physical activities. Stressful conditions can cause dogs to become aggressive. Biting is one of the manifestations of dogs’ aggression. To avoid biting, dog muzzle can be used by CBP dogs.

Pet wearables for CBP dogs like dog muzzles can prevent CBP canine units from accidental or unintentional biting of innocent people. Even though CBP dogs are highly trained, they are still animals that can get aggressive without warning. Wearing a muzzle can keep them from biting people they may encounter in ports, airports, or border crossings.

However, a person in charge of muzzling a dog should have proper training as putting it on can stress them as well. Also, muzzles are worn for short periods of time because they may also affect the mood and behavior of CBP dogs.


One of the tasks of CBP dogs is substance detection. The use of muzzle for CBP dogs can prevent them from ingesting harmful substances. Unidentified substances that are deemed to be harmful can be toxic to canine units.

Furthermore, wearing a muzzle can prevent CBP dogs from biting suspected criminals that they may encounter while doing their border protection duties. Dogs can become difficult to restrain when they get aggressive. Extreme aggression such as biting by a CBP dog of a suspected criminal might cause harm and violation of certain human rights.

Also, dog muzzle can serve as protection for the nose and mouth to CBP dogs. These body parts are the primary tools of dogs in carrying out their CBP duties. They use their noses to detect drugs, substances, or smuggled items and even human trafficking. Any injury that these dogs experience may affect their capability to do their tasks.

During training, dogs might not yet be accustomed to certain materials they might chew and cause them harm. Ingesting poisonous chemicals or materials such as rubber or plastic can be toxic to dogs. Since they are not yet fully trained, muzzles can prevent them from any injury they might sustain.


Because of the protection provided by the muzzle, ingestion of harmful chemicals by CBP dogs can be prevented. Ensuring the health and fitness of canine units makes sure that the CBP dogs are intop shape to perform border protection duties. Poisonous chemicals that canine units might ingest can paralyze or kill them.

Dog muzzles can also ensure that they do not sustain any injury in their mouths and noses. Keeping CBP dogs unharmed during operations translates to their efficiency in doing their jobs. Protecting the health and wellness of CBP dogs is of utmost importance.

Another important factor to consider is the safety of the people around canine units. Any harm that CBP dogs inflict to any human being is also the responsibility of the handler. The incident can also bring negative feedback towards the CBP. Muzzling CBP dogs can prevent this kind of situation from happening.


Muzzling can be uncomfortable for dogs. Therefore, it is important to get the right size of the muzzle for a CBP dog. It is also important to make sure that the muzzle does not chafe their snouts.

Another concern to watch out for is overheating. Dogs cool themselves through opening their mouth. Since their mouth opening is limited with a muzzle, you should not let them wear it for longer periods of time.

Having a muzzle can also restrain CBP dogs to defend themselves when they are being attacked. Because their biting capabilities are confined, they might not be able to do counter-attack when they are being harmed.

Current Products

One product available in the market is the JAFCO Dog Muzzle that has small holes. It is specially designed to prevent dogs from biting, licking, and eating harmful items. It is available in different sizes depending on the size of the dog. The plastic version is lightweight and has felt padding to prevent any discomfort.

White JAFCO Muzzle for CBP Dogs

Another product to consider is the Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle. This is a basket-type muzzle with wide openings. They can prevent dogs from biting, but the openings are big enough to give them treats. It is made of rubber material to ensure durability.

Black Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzlefor CBP Dogs


Having CBP dogs to wear muzzles has certain benefits and limitations. It is beneficial for their own protection from toxic substances and sustaining any injuries in the mouth and nose from sharp objects. This also protects people from being bitten in cases when CBP dogs become aggressive due to stressful situations. Accidental or unintentional attack from CBP dogs can result in negative feedback towards the CBP as an organization.

On the contrary, muzzling CBP dogs can also hamper them from defending themselves against any attack. It may also cause the canine units harm and distress if they wear muzzles for longer periods of time. Precautionary measures should be performed to make sure that muzzles would not injure or harm CBP dogs.

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