There is no better way for you to track the activity of your dog other than with activity trackers. These devices are primarily used for determining the health status of tracking dogs, especially those that are always out in the field for hunting purposes.

To ensure that their bodies are still in good shape, activity monitors can keep them in check. This can track any existing health issues that need to be tackled. Another importance of activity trackers is that you can see if your dog is being lazy or active within the day.

These devices are available in different forms and connectivity. Some are operated using a Wi-Fi connection, while others use a Bluetooth connection.


If you have a tracking dog, activity trackers can be the best pet wearables you can equip them with. These are highly useful if you are going to subject your dog to training because activity trackers can be:

  • Used for determining health issues that your tracking dog might have
  • Used for tracking the activities of your dog for the entire day
  • Used for checking if your dog is being lazy or active
  • Used for determining the vital signs of the tracking dog
  • Used for two-way communication with your dog


There are many advantages that you will get when you give your tracking dogs activity trackers. Here are some of the most notable ones:

  • You will be able to monitor the physical activities of your tracking dog which include running, walking, and jumping
  • Some activity trackers include veterinary uses because it can include physiological parameters: the temperature of your dog can be tracked down as well as his breathing
  • You can set activity goals for your tracking dog
  • The activity tracker can also be linked to your smartphone for easy syncing of data
  • Some brands have a GPS locating system to quickly determine the exact point where your tracking dog is


Like other activity monitors, one problem that you should consider is its battery life. If you are going to use this device for the entire day, you need to ensure that the battery will run within that duration. It’s best if you can get an activity tracker that is rechargeable.

Another concern is the monthly subscription. Some activity trackers might even require owners to make a one-time cash payment for it.

Current Products

Pawtrack Activity Tracker

Pawtrack, recognize WIFI signal, efficient tracking of activities, Longer battery life, Data SyncingThe advanced technology of the Pawtrack allows you to ultimately monitor the activities of your tracking dog within the entire day. You can do this by connecting it to your smartphone so you can check your pet any time of the day.

The good thing about this activity tracker is that you can even connect it via your desktop computer. This pet wearable also has functions such as:

  • Recognize a Wi-Fi signal to function properly
  • Data syncing through smartphone and desktop computers
  • Active tracking of the activities of your dog like running, walking, and even sleeping
  • Long battery life for extended usage

Kippy Vita Pet Activity Monitor

Kippy Vita, GPS Locating System, Geofence, History Feature, Proximity of KippyVItaAs an activity monitor and a GPS locator at the same time, the Kippy Vita allows you to monitor your dog's hunting and tracking activities carefully. This is very useful especially if you always bring your dog to tactical missions.

Tracking dogs should also have their health status monitored because they need to have stronger bodies to do their everyday duties. Kippy Vita has a combination of a GPS locating system as well as an activity monitor that is very easy to comprehend and view using your smartphone. The pet wearable also has other features like:

  • GPS locating system included in the package for the efficient retrieval rate of lost dogs
  • You can measure the proximity of Kippy Vita to know how far your dog is in reference to your exact position
  • Lets you keep in touch with your dog through real-time updates
  • Geofence features allows you to be notified when your dog breaches the set boundary area
  • History feature allows you to review the history of your tracking dog's movements the moment you let him wear it
  • Vita features lets you hear your pooch and communicate with him
  • Quick activation of Kippy Vita through the use of an online code

Pitpat Pet Activity Tracker

Pitpat Pet Activity Tracker, Free Download on iOS, Comfortable to wear, Tracking dog, database of over 200 dogsDo you ever wonder what your dog has done today? If you would like to keep track of that, then you should try the Pitpat Activity Tracker.

This activity tracker will let you know if your tracking dog is getting the right amount off exercise. They are always subjected to strenuous activities, and that is why you need to make sure that their activity levels are in perfect balance with their health status.

What makes this pet wearable different is that you can choose the breed of your dog to set the program suited for his age and breed. This is perfect for training and activity monitoring.

  • Discover what your dog has been up to every day, especially when you are apart
  • Manage his activities to ensure that his body is in good shape
  • Monitor his health statuses like temperature and activity levels
  • Get suggestions of action line for your dog like the recommended exercises based on his breed
  • You can choose the breed of your dog because this activity monitor contains a database of over 200 breeds
  • Free download on iOS and Android
  • Very safe and comfortable to wear for your pooch
  • Longer battery life
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