If you own a hunting dog, then you probably know the importance of providing a smart dog collar for your pooch. It is time to switch to smart dog collars that are not just effective, but also very innovative. You don't need to let your dog wear something uncomfortable because smart dog collars are meant to be powerful and more informative, even if they often look like normal collars.

These incredible pet wearables for hunting dogs are recommended if you have a wandering dog that usually loses its way back home. This is to ensure that you’ll have a higher retrieval rate if something like that happens to your hunting dog.


A smart dog collar for your hunting dog has many uses. While this particular pet wearable has various features, you can use it for your number one priority, which is the safety of your pet. Smart dog collars also have the following uses:

  • Providing your identification to make it easier to find your lost hunting dog
  • Tracking of lost pets using a vet-implanted microchip
  • Storing information about your pet
  • Helps increase the successful retrieval rate of lost pets
  • Providing a great and effective way of identifying the breed and age of a dog
  • For training and disciplinary purposes


There are many advantages in providing a hunting dog with a smart dog collar. One of the top benefits that this pet wearable provides is ensuring the safety of your pooch even if you're not with him. The other benefits of using a smart dog collar include:

  • If you lose your dog, it would be easier for other people to know where to return him.
  • You can edit and update the information that you include in the microchips of the smart dog tag
  • You can send alerts and notifications to the shelter once your pet gets lost
  • You can sync the data on your computer or mobile phone
  • You can monitor your dog even if you’re away from him
  • It is easier to find lost pets through the information that the shelters can provide
  • Syncing the data in your desktop is easier because the application is readily downloadable
  • Can be used for a longer period


Like other pet devices, smart dog collars need to have a cellular or data connection if you are considering purchasing those with vet-implanted microchips. These tags can be operated through Bluetooth, provided that they are within the range.

Another concern for pet owners is the battery life of these pet wearables. Different models vary when it comes to their battery life. Some are rechargeable, and others are also replaceable. It depends on the brand that you are going to buy. If you are opting for smart dog collars that are capable of being scanned, then you should check for the device with the best reception and connection.

Current Products

PetQ Smart QR Code Pet Collar

PetQ, Easy to Manage Dashboard, Dual Laser Engraved Aluminum, Privacy Control, Multiple AccountsWith a QR code-equipped in this instrument, PetQ will surely be reliable when it comes to saving your lost hunting dog. You can encode vital pet information and multiple contact details on this pet wearable as well. The good thing about this smart dog collar is that you can also encode the complete profile of your dog on it.

If your hunting dog ever goes missing, you don’t need to worry that much because finding him will be a lot easier with PetQ. This device’s other features include:

  • Can be programmed with critical information in case you lost your pet, so other people will be able to access your pet's information
  • Finders can quickly scan the tag to view the information encoded by the owner
  • GPS notification is also available once the profile has been viewed by the finder
  • Privacy Control lets you control the data
  • One account can be created with multiple accounts
  • Easy to manage dashboard
  • Dual laser engraved aluminum


PetHub, Protected Information, Found Pet Hotline, Update the data stored, App free in Google StoreHave you ever worried about losing your hunting dog? Then PetHub is here to the rescue. It is a very reliable smart dog collar that will surely be useful for your hunting dog. With this dog tag, you’ll have peace of mind that your dog is in good hands.

If your hunting dog goes missing, the finder can use his smartphone to scan the code to access your pet’s profile and details of the owner. Other features of this pet wearable include:

  • Found pet hotline that allows the finder to get in touch with the owner of the dog
  • You can download the app for free on the Google app store
  • You can easily update the data stored in it
  • QR scannable data
  • Protected information

PetHealthLocker SMART

PetHealthLocker, CQR Code, Pet Profile, GPS Inclusion, smart way to find your petIf you would like to utilize the smart way to find your hunting dog, PetHealthLocker is the answer to your problem. You can also use this device to learn the personality of your dog easily. This collar can also text you the location of your dog. This pet wearable is also suitable for hunting dogs because its other features include:

  • The PetHealthLocker SMART is very safe to use on a hunting dog, and the records are obtained with the healthy locker feature of this tag
  • Has a QR code that is very convenient—scanning the tag will easily reveal your pet’s information to the finder using a 2D barcode scanner
  • The Pet Profile is designed to help owners find their hunting dog faster, and it contains the vital information of your pet like the name, breed, age, and the owner’s contact details
  • GPS inclusion to help know the exact location of your pet
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