Overview of Police Dog Wearables

Police dogs are trained to track down suspected criminals, explosives, drugs and missing people. However, in order to make them work more efficiently, they need pet wearables or gadgets that should aid them in fulfilling operations parameters and objectives.

There are many types of pet wearables for police dogs on the market today, but those worth mentioning include GPS trackers, activity trackers, and smart collars. These pet wearables come in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as designs and specialized features. They are built in not only to make a police dog carry out its tasks better but also to protect the dog and to monitor its health.

How Pet Wearables Keep Police Dogs Safe

GPS tracker, Activity Tracker, Smart Collar, Bulletproof Vest, pet wearables

Some wearables can even protect police dogs from something a harmful as heatstroke, which is especially useful if they work in areas with extremely high temperatures. These GPS tracking devices can even alert police officers if their four-legged companions have been accidentally left behind in a police cruiser while a frenzied police scenario is ongoing.

These unique pet wearables will even alert the handlers of police dogs are over-exerting themselves since unlike humans, dogs may not realize that they may need a break and can overwork. This can be dangerous during hot summer months where temperatures can soar through the roof.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety (ADPS) spares no expense when it comes to pet wearables because they are often necessary to maintain the health and well-being of police dogs. Each K-9 can cost as much as a whopping $6,000 to $7,000.

The dogs from ADPS were outfitted with a device that was implanted in each canine’s neck. The device has a sensor that can monitor a dog’s body temperature. It also had a GPS component to make tracking each police dog easier.

At least 15 to 18 police dogs sadly die from heat exhaustion, and this can easily be prevented by GPS trackers for pets. These pet wearables can also sense when the current temperature has gotten too high, and it will let them when it is time to get some rest in their air-conditioned cruisers.

GPS Tracker for Police Dogs

GPS, or Global Positioning System, is a group of about 30 satellites orbiting the earth and allows people to pinpoint the specific geographic location of people, objects, and even dogs anywhere from 10 meters to 100 meters. Police dogs are among those being tracked using GPS technology.

At the Greenwood Police Department in Fort Smith, Arkansas, a frightening experience for one of their police dogs has helped the department realize the importance of GPS trackers for all K-9 units. Kina, one of the department’s K-9 unit, was unfortunately shot in the line of duty and went missing.

Search crews were able to find her after two days, and it fortunately wasn’t too late to treat her wounds. Apparently, Kina hid herself in order to nurse her injuries. To help the Greenwood Police Department keep track of Kina and other K-9 units, Mars Petcare and Whistle have collaborated to donate Whistle GPS trackers for all active police dogs.

“Pets are an important part of our families, and when we look at the K-9 officers who serve our community, they have a special place in our hearts as well,” shared Russell Hayes, Mars Petcare Arkansas Site Director. Hayes added, “As a long-standing member of the Fort Smith community, we knew immediately that we wanted to contribute once we heard about the community’s mission to support Kina and our other K-9 officers.”

Ben Jacobs, Co-founder and CEO of Whistle, concluded, “We know that K-9 officers are trained to flee a situation when necessary. Because of this inspiring effort from the Fort Smith community, the K-9 officers’ teams will be able to quickly find and track any K-9’s location when they need it most.”

These are the interesting features of GPS trackers for police dogs:

  • Useful in navigational and mapping purposes
  • Can gather and analyze live data from the dog's surroundings
  • Can pinpoint a police dog's immediate current location when they are patrolling premises or tracking people
  • Useful when analyzing a police dog's search patterns in order to determine how a suspect could have escaped as well as how he behaves
  • Can be monitored through an app via a smartphone or through a computer
  • Sends alerts to the handler especially if a dog's temperature has gone way too high to indicate fever or infection
  • Can help the handler locate an injured dog that sought shelter to protect itself or to recover from its wounds if it has been shot

Activity Tracker for Police Dogs

Many K9 officer dogs specialize in tracking missing persons, criminal suspects or dangerous objects like explosives and drugs. Tracking dogs need an activity tracker in order for the police to monitor where they are. The activity tracker is capable of keeping complete records of a police dog's activity.

Here are the interesting features of an activity tracker for police dogs when it comes to police work:

  • Designed for all police K9 operations including both training and deployment
  • Useful in providing the court with reliable documentation
  • Can work hand in hand with a compatible smartphone
  • Can be conveniently attached to the dog’s collar
  • Uses Bluetooth technology to easily monitor the K9 officer's activity through a smartphone app
  • Can also limit a dog's bark as well as to limit other unnecessary activities during police operations.
  • Can signal the handler whether the dog is barking too much at unnecessary things or sniffing food instead of explosives and harmful substances like drugs

Here are the interesting features of an activity tracker for police dogs when it comes training:

  • Useful in documenting training records and identifying training issues for developing K9 units
  • Can help police officers eliminate or reduce a K9's unwanted activity and behavior such as searching for food or unwanted items and people when it is on the job
  • Useful in helping the handler manage the dog's training activities such as making automatic corrections through an automatic tone or vibration whenever the K9 officer is doing something that it is not supposed to during training

Smart Collar for Police Dogs

Smart collars are wearable electronic devices that have a variety of specialized functions that you can choose from. For police dogs, there are collars that monitor exercise and one that tracks its location.

Here are the interesting features of smart collars especially designed for police dogs:

  • Can collect data about the police dog's micro-movements during its daily activities through a wireless based sensor
  • Can measure the track steps as well as calories lost after a fitness exercise
  • Compares the police dog's data with standard values in terms of breed, age and weight, so that health issues can be dealt with
  • Useful in determining how often a dog may have walked in order to determine whether it is in perfect health or it is suffering from lethargy or illness
  • Can pinpoint whether the dog is particular restless during a particular sleep cycle because of itching and scratching
  • May use advanced GPS and complete with accelerometer and powered by wireless technology in order to provide insights on the police dog's daily activities as well as to monitor walks, sleep time, cardio and weight status
  • May help you locate your dog easily if it uses GPS technology
  • May be equipped with a wearable camera that can record actual dog activity during training and operations
  • May have LED lights that show whenever the dog is happy or relaxed, which is useful in determining whether the dog is suffering from an emotional distemper or whether it is fit for the next police operation or not
  • Usually made from nylon
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Resistant to molds as well as to natural wear and tear caused by the weather

Future of Police Dog Wearables

GPS tracker, Activity Tracker, Smart Collar, Bulletproof Vest, pet wearables

Police dog wearables have dominated the market since and have become models of innovation. They have multiple good features like tracking and monitoring the dog's exact location, health status, physical activity, and behavior. Through the use of a smart collar, an activity tracker, or a GPS tracker, the police can help carry out their operations more smoothly.

These are some important challenges facing manufacturers of police dog wearables today:

  • The manufacture of a smart collar that can take live, night-vision, high-resolution video as well as snapshots of the surrounding area
  • The manufacture of a smart collar or gadget that is equipped with heat sensors in order to detect human bodies nearby especially when it is dark or when someone is hiding from the police officer's view
  • The manufacture of a bulletproof vest especially made for K9's that must also be shockproof just in case there are explosives around


The best way to make police dogs work faster and more efficiently is through police dog wearables. These include a GPS tracker, an activity tracker, and a smart collar. Police dogs in the future may also benefit from the use of a smart collar with night-vision video and snapshot function, a thermal sensor, and a bulletproof and shockproof vest.

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