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Overview of Sled Dog Wearables

Sled dogs are most abundant in the rural parts of arctic areas and other countries that experience winter, and they are mainly used as an aide for transportation. Until today, sled dogs were bred mostly to haul supplies and transport them to areas that are not easily accessible by other means since they are located along a sea of ice.

They were called “sled dogs” after sleds, the transportation device that they pull on their backs. These sleds are made from driftwood and are attached to dogs who pull them using leather straps.

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Sled dogs descend mostly from Siberian Huskies family and were traditionally grouped into teams of 10 to 14. They are naturally tough in mind and body. Although a little hard to train, these dogs can resist cold and hunger.

Today, pet wearables are readily available on the market to help sled dog owners monitor the vital information of their dogs. These pet wearables include GPS (Global Positioning System) trackers, which can help handlers locate their lost dogs.Activity trackers are used to monitor a sled dog’s health condition while smart collars can be used as both a GPS tracker or/and an activity tracker, and can aide in training a dog in several ways.

GPS Tracker for Sled Dogs

Dogs are not just pets; they are treated as family members. When you own a dog, you love them almost as much as you love your family. And when you notice that they’re missing, you immediately look for them.

Not so long ago, lost sled dogs seemed impossible to find. The only way you can locate them is to look for them by yourself along the vast sea of ice.

However, when microchips were created, it has become easier to keep track of dogs. Microchips are scannable small chips with the owner’s information implanted beneath the dog’s skin.

If someone has found your lost dog, they can bring him to the vet to check if he has a microchip, which will reveal his owner’s details. Sadly, if the dog does not have a microchip, the vet will need to wait until the owners come looking for the dog. Sometimes people steal lost dogs instead of returning them to their owners, but thankfully, a better and easier way of tracking them was created.

Since GPS trackers were introduced to the market, they have proved to be very useful to humans. And who would have thought that they would be just as useful to dogs and their owners? When used with sled dogs, a GPS tracker can benefit handlers because they will be able to track a dog’s location effortlessly, especially when they are lost in areas that are too large to search by foot.

The trackers are mostly built-in on dog collars or can be installed to collars. By using different monitoring devices such as handheld devices, owners can figure out their dog’s actual location real-time. Some even have features like satellite imaging, a function that shows you the exact place where the dog is visually.

Most of these handheld devices are small monitors or remote control-like gadgets that come with a GPS tracking device. Cellphones can also be used if they can be paired with the GPS tracker.

GPS trackers for sled dogs can also be used to command them which direction to go. These trackers are available in either wired or a wireless form. Wired or connected GPS trackers are built as an attachment to the dog’s handle or leash. The wireless trackers are a handheld device. Both function similarly, but may differ depending on the model.

Through a longer leash or handheld device, you can command a sled dog to go to the left, right, or forward. The device on the dog will then provide vibration zones to it as directed. Your sled dog may need intensive training to see the best results when using the device.

Lastly, some GPS trackers have the ability to make virtual boundaries for sled dogs. This boundary is often called the “safe zone” by manufacturers. A safe zone is a location that an owner sets to control where their sled dogs can go. If their pets go beyond the designated safe zone, they will be alerted through their device.

For example, the owner of the sled dog will set the entire house, including the backyard and porch, as the dog’s safe zone. Once the dog has left those boundaries, the owner will be alerted immediately. The owner will then be instantly aware if his dog has left the premises even though he is not there to see it.

GPS trackers have a lot of benefits for sled dogs and their owners. Different models with different features and functionalities can be found for sale which will meet the different needs and preferences of handlers and their dogs.

Activity Tracker for Sled Dogs

Since these reliable sled dogs play an important role in the lives of their owners, their health is also very important. However, it used to be a hassle for a lot of owners to closely and regularly monitor the health of their pets.

You need to bring them to the vet regularly to know their conditions. But regular consultations can be extremely difficult for sled dog owners, especially since they usually live in rural areas.

To address this concern, manufacturers have created a useful pet wearable. Activity trackers, also known as fitness trackers, provides sled dog owners with the ability to closely monitor their dog’s health condition at any time by tracking their most recent results.

Although dogs mostly communicate signs of health problems through changes in their posture and behavior, there are still symptoms that the eyes cannot see.Some of the things that activity trackers can monitor in dogs are:

  • Its daily activities. Did the dog have enough exercise? Does it need to play or run more? Did it have enough sleep? It also provides a chart of its daily activity progress.
  • A dog’s breathing patterns.
  • Its heart rate.
  • Its stress levels. This is mostly monitored through the dog’s activities as well. If the dog is making unusual movements or disturbing actions, it may indicate that the dog is experiencing stress and anxiety.
  • It can also monitor a dog’s body temperature.
  • Some activity trackers also have the ability to monitor symptoms of present or possible ailments, such as possible heat exhaustion.
  • One of the greatest features of this pet wearable is the ability to monitor a dog’s actual medical condition. For instance, if your dog just had surgery, an activity tracker can show you if the wound is healing properly. If the dog is taking medication for a specific illness, it can also track whether its medicine is taking effect.

Although the ability of the activity tracker wearables lies more in monitoring results that are just symptoms of possible illnesses, prevention is better than cure. What’s even better is that you can check your dog’s health condition constantly.While some activity trackers can take some getting used to, they are all considered to be beneficial for both the sled dogs and their owners.

Smart Collar for Sled Dogs

Who would have thought that tracking a dog’s location and monitoring it could also be fashionable? Just a few years ago, collars were only used as fashion statements for pets. Now, dog collars go beyond just looking flashy.

Smart collars are a pet wearable which can function as a GPS tracker, an activity tracker, or even be both. Additionally, some smart collars can also aid training dogs in different ways. This pet wearable also helpshandlers train their sled dogs, who can be quite a challenge to teach.

A smart collar can tell a sled dog when to start or stop barking, where to go, when to avoid certain locations, or where it is allowed to stay. This particular pet wearable can even keep sled dogs safe by teaching them what they are allowed to touch and which materials to avoid at all costs.Some smart collars can have many features while others may have just one.

Future of Sled Dog Wearables

Pet Wearables for Sled Dogs, GPS Tracker, Activity Tracker, Smart Collar, sled dogs

In general, pet wearables have revolutionized how owners and handlers monitor and track their sled dogs. Although there are still evident challenges when it comes to using the device on different dogs, their pros outweigh cons.

Reliable sled dogs keep us safe during trips, and they deserve to be taken care of. This can easily be done by equipping them with pet wearables that let handlers locate them easily, monitor their health, or streamline their training.

Pet wearables continue to evolve and improve through time. One of the improvements that can be made might allow activity trackers to have broader functions. In the future, trackers will not only be able to detect symptoms. Even better, they could soon be able to detect specific dog ailments.

As for smart collars, handlers can find it easier to train dogs to follow more complicated commands when training. It might even make it easier for sled dogs to accomplish tasks and errands other than transportation-related commands.

Handlers will also benefit from a pet wearable that unites all these different functions. Once manufacturers devise this pet wearable, it will be even easier to track and train these diligent sled dogs.

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