GPS Locator – Cat Dog Mini Tracking Loss Prevention Waterproof Device Tool Pet GPS Locator (Red)


Product parameters:
Naked steel: 5.5g/piece (not charged)
Battery: 3 g / piece
Product specification: 42 * 40 * 10mm bag specification: 7 * 12cm
Bag full set: host + Battery + {hardware} BUCKLE + PE bag
Bag full set: 13g / piece (with battery) 10g / piece (with out battery)
Shade: black and white pink inexperienced grey sky blue darkish blue whole 8 colours

1 PC sq. loss preventer
1 PC {Hardware} BUCKLE
1 PC battery
2. The efficient use distance of the machine can attain 25 meters in a variety. The button battery CR2032 will be simply bought in Main- supermarkets. The model unique battery can work for greater than half a yr.
3. Apple telephone: iPhone 11 and above can be utilized.Android Telephones: Android 8.0 and above, Bluetooth 4.0 and above.
4. At current, with a view to improve the battery lifetime of mainstream Android fashions, the system has been optimized to various levels, and can robotically clear up the app working within the background. When utilizing the loss machine, the app must be set and guarded within the system to comprehend regular operation.
5. Though the setting steps of Android telephones of every model are totally different, they’re virtually the identical. First verify the facility saving mode of your cell phone system, and add the loss machine app to the white checklist or protected program to forestall the / loss machine app from being shut down by the system and inflicting false alarm.