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If you have a sled dog, you know that your pet is meant to do strenuous activities most of the time. Sometimes, they need to be far away from you in order to accomplish their tasks.

Sled dogs can either be found racing, but most of them are used by their owners to transport their gear and other necessities. Smart dog collars are the modern way to provide vital information for your sled dog in case they ever get lost. You can store your number, address, and name so anyone who finds them would know where to contact you should they find your dog.

Due to the stress of the hazardous activities that they do, it is not impossible for sled dogs to lose track of where they are supposed to be sometimes. To avoid this, you can equip sled dogs with pet wearables to make sure that you can easily keep track of them even if you are apart.


Using smart dog collars can give numerous benefits for you and your sled dog. Prevention is better than cure, and all pet owners know how smart dog collars can be used to monitor the activities of their sled dogs. Check out the other uses of a smart dog collar:

  • Used to store information about your pet for easier identification
  • Used to increase retrieval rate in case your dog gets lost
  • Functions as a database of your dog’s information about breed, age, and home address
  • For QR code scanning by finders with Smartphones


Smart dog collars are wise investments because you will never know when an emergency situation could come up. While sled dogs are clever and can be trained, sometimes they will need pet wearables to help their owners monitor them. Sled dog pet wearables also have additional b benefits such as:

  • You would be able to communicate with other dog owns through smart dog collars with vet-implanted microchips
  • Smart dog collars will make it is easier to find lost sled dogs through the information stored in the collar
  • You can customize the collar any way you want, especially for some innovative models
  • Some dog tags are QR code scannable, so people who find your sled dog can conveniently check your information using their smartphones
  • Shelters and other affiliated organizations can be alerted through text or SMS that your dog is lost if they are wearing smart dog collars


Smart dog collars are useful in ensuring the safety of your dog, but there are some things that you need to consider before getting one for your pet. Some smart dog collars have vet-implanted microchips that can store information about your dog.

Since sled dog pet collars are electronic devices, they require batteries to function. There are some models of smart dog collars on the market are rechargeable, and some can be replaced if the battery is used up. Choose the best possible option for you and your sled dog.

Another concern is the cost of sled dog pet wearables. The more high-tech a smart dog collar is, the higher the cost will be. However, you should bear in mind that investing in a good product has its benefits and advantages.

Current Products

Link AKC Smart Dog Collar

Link AKC, Temperature Alerts, Activity Level Recommendations, service Charge, Bright LED Indicator

The Link AKC is one of the newest smart dog collars released on the market. Since it is a new product, expect the latest innovations with this device. It is even combined with a GPS locator to make it more convenient for you and your dog.

One of its best features of this device is the digital safe zone which it can set up around your home. If your sled dog attempts to leave that particular area, you will immediately receive an alert. You can also track your dog’s activities through this collar. Its other features are:

  • A digital safe-zone acts as a virtual fence to set a boundary on your pet’s movements, and this will serve as your alert if your dog is up to something.
  • Sends alerts and notifications directly to your mobile platform
  • Records your pet vet visits to keep track of his health
  • Bright led indicator that can be used for night time use
  • Service charge is included
  • Activity level recommendations
  • Temperature alerts

Jagger and Lewis Smart Dog Collar

Jagger and Lewis Smart Dog Collar, perfect fit, measures health and happiness, interactive App, powerful logarithmsThis rectangular device easily clips to the collar of any sled dog. The Jagger and Lewis Smart Dog Collar is directly linked to the smartphone of the owner. This makes it easier for you to monitor the changes in the behavior of your sled dog.

Whether you have an Android or an iOS smartphone, you will be able to use this smart collar without any complications. The good thing about this is that even the stress levels of your dog can be picked up. The other features of this pet wearable include:

  • Effectively measures the health and happiness level of your sled dog
  • Directly connected to an interactive app that performs powerful logarithms
  • Perfect fit for all kinds of collar

Garmin Delta Smart Dog Training Collar

Stylish and Durable, Bark Limiting Technology, integrated activity monitoring, Free Garmin Mobile App, Keep Away TagsIf you are aiming to train you sled dog, then you should check out the Garmin Dog Collar. This is a pet wearable intended for training and the skill enhancement of your dog. It is instrumental in keeping track of your sled dog’s health, as well as monitoring his activities.

With this smart dog collar, your dog will be able to develop a healthy and disciplined behavior. This pet wearable can also be used to streamline the training of your sled dog. This smart dog collar also has other features like:

  • Free Garmin mobile app
  • Integrated activity monitoring
  • Limits with keep away tags
  • Bark limiting technology
  • Stylish and durable design

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