Activity Trackers are highly recommended if you have hunting dogs because you need to ensure that they are always in perfect shape to accomplish their hunting tasks in different environments. You can also maximize its benefits during training.

An activity tracker is efficient in monitoring the health status of your dog, so choosing the best one is highly recommended. Make sure that these devices will benefit your hunting dog. Keep your pooch in good shape and train him to keep him healthy.

You can find a lot of activity trackers on the market, and that will make it harder for you to decide which is the best for your dog. Try to familiarize yourself with it so you can choose which will best fit your pooch.


Hunting dogs are expected to be on the field most of the time. Their health can be compromised due to various environmental factors, and this is why activity trackers can be a good companion in monitoring your hunting dog’s health. Activity trackers can help owners:

  • Detect the sanitary conditions of your pooch
  • Track and monitor your dog’s activities within the day
  • Measure the temperature and heart rate of your dog
  • Measure the respiration rate of your dog
  • Monitor if your hunting dog is lazy or being active
  • Monitor the behavioral pattern of your hunting dog


Owners should take advantage of the many benefits of activity trackers. You will be able to monitor the activities of your dog efficiently and effectively, and these pet wearables for hunting dogs have features such as:

  • Distinguishing if your dog’s health is at its peak or not
  • Streamlining the training of your pooch
  • Monitoring the vital signs of hunting dogs
  • Serves as a window to your dog’s health
  • Helps you in making a suitable training and exercise plan for your hunting dog


Just like other GPS trackers, you also need to avail a plan to operate your device properly. It means that you need to pay for it monthly. Different activity trackers may provide different features that make the price vary.

Another factor that you need to consider is the battery life of the activity tracker. Some of the models on the market provide a battery that can last for a year. Others need to be replaced after a couple of days of usage. However, the best kind of activity trackers are the rechargeable ones.

Current Products

Fitbark Activity Monitor

Fitbark, Activity Tracker, fit any size of dog, Activity Tracker, sought-after pet suppliesThe Fitbark is one of the most sought-after pet supplies in the industry. This on-collar monitor looks very pleasing, and they come in a smaller size compared to other activity trackers on the market.

The good thing about this pet wearable is the fact that it comes in different bright colors. You will find them very easy to use because it is created to be simple.

This activity tracker aims to provide better health and long life to your pooch. Many people who have used it testified that they caught the early signs of illness in their dogs thanks to the Fitbark. The other features of a Fitbark activity monitor include:

  • Monitoring your dog’s activities 24/7 and check if there is something wrong with their health
  • Setting health goals for your hunting dog to maintain them in perfect shape and condition
  • Monitoring your pet’s behavior and checking if there are some notable changes that you need to consider
  • Data from the data tracker can be used to compare your dog with other hunting dogs
  • The activity tracker can be used to come up with the best decisions for your pup, especially those concerning his health
  • It is lightweight and will fit any dog size

Whistle Activity Tracker

Whistle Activity Tracker, Combination of GPS and WIFI, Location Alerts, national GPS Tracking System, reliable connectionYou will surely love this activity tracker because of its cute appearance. It is also user-friendly, and all you need to do is attach it to the collar of your hunting dog. The Whistle Activity Tracker can track your dog even in just minutes.

You can operate it using your smartphone so that you can track your pet anywhere he goes no matter where you are. It can even do nationwide tracking though the inclusion of a GPS locating system. It runs on a Wi-Fi connection as well as cellular connection.

Here are some of the benefits that you can get with the Whistle activity tracker:

  • You can monitor your pet’s activities within the day, and the good thing about it is that you can locate him also through the map because of its national GPS tracking system
  • Location Alerts that enables you to get notifications whenever your hunting dog goes farther in a particular area
  • Combination of GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular data to maintain a reliable connection while it is used by your pet

PetPace Activity Monitor

PetPace Activity Tracker, Smart Sensing Collar, Health Monitoring Service, Health Dashboard, best health monitoring systemIf you want to be alerted if something goes wrong with your pet, then the PetPace Activity Tracker can help you. It is probably the best health monitoring system for your hunting dog. Of course, it is inevitable that there are times when your hunting dog goes far in the wild to perform its usual activities. It can also send you feedback if there is a sudden change in your pet's behavior.

The PetPace’s other useful features are:

  • Smart Sensing Collar that continuously collects your pet’s vital sign
  • Health Monitoring Service allows you to analyze and sync the data you have collected
  • Health Dashboard and Alerts maximize the use of smart phones for alerts and instant alerts for real-time messaging
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