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In the Artic areas, sled dogs play an important role in transportation. They can be used to haul supplies to different areas that are inaccessible due to harsh weather conditions such as winter storms. Owners of sled dogs should take this into consideration.

GPS trackers are not only used to track the location of your sled dog, but it is also used to monitor their speed and accuracy while training. This satellite-based navigation system uses a transmittal signal to provide real-time tracking of your sled dog.

In sled dog sports, the pace is also measured by the GPS tracker. This is very important to get the desired results in the competition. Check out these GPS trackers for your sled dog.


There are many uses for GPS trackers for sled dogs. They are not only used for tracking their location but for measuring other aspects as well, such as:

  • Determining how fast your sled dog is going while in a competition
  • Providing the exact location of your dog when he is out on a mission
  • Measuring the speed and pace of your dog
  • Used for training your sled dog


There are many advantages that you can get if you equip your sled dog with the best possible GPS tracker suitable for cold weather. Check out the benefits that you can get with this pet wearable:

  • You can train your dog and measure his speed and pace, especially if he is engaged in sled dog sports
  • Real-Time tracking of your dog even when you’re not with him
  • Retrieve your lost dog, especially when he is out doing his task


Just like other devices, you need to subscribe to a data plan in order to have a functioning GPS tracking system. Another thing to remember is that it uses satellite service, so you need to pay a subscription fee monthly.

Depending on the feature of your GPS tracker, you might need to pay the extra cost for the one-time initial payment of the GPS tracking device.

Aside from the cost, you also need to consider the battery life of the GPS device. If you are planning to use it for a longer period, then you must search for a GPS tracker that has rechargeable batteries. If not, it is advisable if you will have a replacement battery for emergency purposes.

Current Products

Petrek GPS Tracker

Low Battery Alert, Satellite View, Geo-Fencing, IPet App, Real-Time TrackingIf you are looking for the best GPS Tracker for your sled dogs, then the Petrek should be part of your list. It is paired with Pet Finders, and they make it easier for lost pets to get identified. The combination of RFID and GPS Tracking technology makes this product makes this GPS Tracker even more compelling.

It is very innovative and contains most of the best features that make it competitive in the market. The way these device works is entirely different from the way other products work. Aside from this, your sled dog will surely feel comfortable with it. The various features of the device include:

  • Free downloadable App for iOS and Android devices
  • Fast charging battery so you can instantly use it afterward
  • Real-time tracking of your pet using the combined power of RFID and GPS
  • Waterproof device
  • 3G Compatibility improves its reception and signal
  • Available for all types and size of dogs because of the slim body
  • Magnetic waterproof charger
  • IPet app is free to download
  • Operates using a prepaid simcard
  • Geo-Fencing that provides a virtual fence for the safety of your pet
  • Satellite View allows you to view the trees and other streets where your dog might be located
  • Low Battery Alert

Pod GPS Tracker

Pod GPS Tracker, Zone Alert Option, Location History, GPS Tracking System, health and fitness monitorThe Pod GPS Tracker can be one of the most reliable GPS trackers for your sled dog. It features a collision and movement mechanism that makes it possible for you to detect any unusual behavior or activity with your dog.

One of the best things about this pet wearable is it’s the unlimited range. Even if your dog reaches a very remote area, rest assured that the GPS tracker will still work correctly. It is the main reason why it is chosen to be one of the best GPS trackers for sled dogs. It even has other amazing features like:

  • Location History, which allows you to view the history of the places where your dog was last seen in the GPS tracking system
  • The Zone Alert option makes it possible for you to set up a virtual fence for your dog’s safety
  • It also includes a health and fitness monitor to let you track the activities of your pooch
  • Recordings for a compilation of experiences and memories

GIBI Pet Locator

GIBI Pet Locator, Online Browser Application, Easy to Manage Controls, One-Click Button, Complete Profile of the DogWhen it comes to sturdy and waterproof and GPS trackers, the GIBI Pet Locator is the name to look for. This is perfect for sled dogs because it is a pet wearable meant for active dogs. The appearance of this GPS tracking device is very stylish.

Aside from this, you can also access its online browser application. You can access it as long as there is an Internet connection. You can even use your mobile device to sync and download the data the device has collected. The GIBI Pet Locator’s features include:

  • One click button to access its features
  • Complete profile of the dog
  • Easy to manage controls
  • Online-browser application

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