Therapy dogs are subjected to different activities within the day as part of their responsibilities for their owners. To keep track of the dog's activities and whereabouts, it is important to get a useful and functional activity tracker for your therapy dog.

These devices are used to monitor the operation of the dogs using a screen. For some of the advanced models, controls are included for you so you can see in real time what your pooch is doing. The activity level of your dog is monitored, and it can be used to track your dog in case he ever gets lost.

Now that you know a little about how they function, it’s time to check their uses and benefits.


Activity trackers are useful devices for monitoring the day to day activities of therapy dogs. The functions of these trackers are indispensable. These pet wearables for therapy dogs can:

  • Keep track of the development and health of your therapy dog. It is also useful in determining if something's wrong with your pooch's health.
  • Share your dog's activity report to multiple devices via your fitness tracker
  • Often has a GPS tracking system for greater functionality
  • Temperature sensor to monitor your dog


Providing your dog with an activity tracker might be one of the best things that you can give your therapy dog. These devices:

  • Include a shareable function so you can share your therapy dog's activities to other owners as well
  • Can be updated with your dog’s health because it can measure the temperature, heart rate, and respiration of your dog
  • Are water-proof, so you can let your therapy dog go either indoors or outdoors.
  • Have a LED indicator, which lets you see your dog even in darkness


Just like GPS trackers, some activity trackers may also have the capability of tracking your dog's location. The challenge with this is that not all sites have a strong phone signal. If your pooch wanders around an area with a weak signal, the tracking function might not be available.

Another concern that you need to consider is its battery life. If you are going to use the activity tracker on your dog 24/7, then you should consider getting an extra battery for the device. Some of the models come with rechargeable batteries. If not, then be sure to always have a spare battery on hand.

Current Products

Tractive Motion Pet Tracker

PetPace, Analyzing health and vital signs, undertone Test, LED light indicators. 100% waterproofThe Tractive Motion pet tracker needs to be attached to your dog’s collar so that the data can be transferred to your smartphone. Keep in mind that you also have the option to collect the data 24/7. This allows you to know the activities of your therapy dog.

The level of activity is also measured by this activity tracker whether he is lazy or aggressive. The good thing about this product is that it is waterproof. However, this one doesn't have a GPS tracker.

  • Real-time monitoring of your dog that can be sent to your smartphone wherever you go
  • Motion tracking that lets you know what your dog is currently doing
  • Capturing of ambient temperature
  • Syncing of data is done through Bluetooth
  • Long battery life and you can charge it using a USB
  • No monthly fees and you can download the app for free
  • Inclusion of a black silicon chip


PetKit, use of Bluetooth, Wifi enabled activity tracker, overall monitor health, water-resistantIf you are looking for a smart collar system for your therapy dog, then consider the PetPace. This activity tracker is meant to monitor the health status of a dog. It includes features like temperature, respiration, pulse, and heart rate variation.

This pet wearable is super lightweight, so your dog will find it comfortable to wear. It can communicate data the entire day, and it is delivered to the station in a matter of 1-2 minutes. It can work up to 1.000 feet range.

  • Works by analyzing the health and vital signs of your dog like heart rate, temperature, and position
  • Gives you a warning if there is a problem with your pooch, making this pet wearable useful even for older dogs.
  • Undertone test of 10,000 hours to different dogs
  • Has LED light indicators built on the collar as well on the base station
  • 100% waterproof so can be used both for indoors and outdoors
  • One year warranty


PetKit, use of Bluetooth, Wifi enabled activity tracker, overall monitor health, water-resistantRegarding appearance, the PetKit must be one of the cutest smart collars for your therapy dogs. It comes with a paw print as its central design. The good thing about this little disc is its water-resistance.

You can even choose from a white or pink device for your dog. As a new product in the market, it is still in the stage of getting known and reviewed by more users. It is useful for therapy dogs because even the behavior of your canine can be monitored.

  • Monitors the overall health of your dog
  • Monitors if your dog is active or lazy
  • Has the capability to monitor the mood of dogs
  • Operates through the use of Bluetooth
  • Water-resistant so your dog can wear it even outdoors
  • App is downloadable on Android and iOS
  • Wi-Fi enabled activity tracker
  • Can be synced using smartphones
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