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Hunting dogs are usually found out in the wild hunting for objects or prey. They usually hunt with their owners, and these hunting dogs include Hounds, Terriers, and Dachshunds. If you are working with a hunting dog, it is important that you provide him with a GPS tracker that can help you monitor his whereabouts.

There are many GPS trackers on the market, and some of them are perfect for hunting purposes. They contain features that will help you track your pooch even he’s away in the forest, as long as there is a signal.


GPS trackers have many uses, especially when they are attached to a hunting dog. They vary in size and additional features, which include:

  • Ensuring the safety of your hunting dog
  • Locating your dog quickly even though he is away from you
  • Letting you monitor the activities of your dog while he is doing his tasks
  • Notifying you if your dog goes beyond the boundary you set for him
  • Sending alerts when your dog is in grave danger
  • Real-time tracking of location
  • Two-way communication with your tracking dog


The GPS trackers on the market have vital uses in keeping your dog safe and monitored. The owner of a tracking dog will benefit from these pet wearables for hunting dogs like GPS trackers thanks to these features:

  • It will be beneficial in keeping your dog monitored while he is out hunting
  • You will be sent with alerts if your dog suddenly goes out of range in a particular area
  • Real-time locating of your dog even when he is not with you
  • You can communicate with your dog through radio, and you can even hear the sounds he might make
  • Higher Retrieval Rate in case your dog gets lost


Providing a GPS tracker for your hunting dog is a good idea. However, you must take note of the problems that accompany this particular pet wearable. Like other GPS trackers that are being offered to pet owners, a GPS tracker will require you to pay a monthly subscription fee.

You may even be required to pay an initial one-time payment to avail of the premium service of some devices. Of course, most of you would like to avail the best possible service for your dog. It is important to choose the best GPS tracker that will be able to cope with the rigorous activities of your hunting dog.

Current Products

Garmin Astro 320 Dog GPS Tracker

Astro Covey Counter, Base Camp for Organizing Maps, GarminAstro 320, Rescue Mode, Map Drawing CapabilitiesIf you would like to take your hunting to a higher level, the Garmin Astro 320 is the device to purchase. This tracker allows you to track even up to 10 dogs with the use of only one GPS tracking device.

This has an enhanced map drawing capability that you won’t find in other devices. You will find it easy to read because it is constructed with a sunlight-readable color display. Its other features include:

  • You can see your hunting dog’s every move because of its highly sensitive transmitter, and it has an antenna that provides it with a good signal and reception
  • Rescue mode automatically reduces the device’s usage of power to keep it running, especially in emergency situations
  • It has great compatibility options that you can maximize
  • Built with a Micro SD card slot for map drawing capabilities
  • Astro Covey Counter for exact location
  • Base Camp for organizing maps and trips with your hunting dog


Audible Tone and Nick Mode, Waterproof E-collar, Power Coverage, Geo-Fence Mechanism, Free App DownloadTraining your hunting dog has never been easier with DOGTRA. This device is not only used for tracking, but for training your dog as well. It also brings the Tracking mechanism right in your smartphone so you can easily track your dog wherever you are.

The good thing about this GPS tracker is that it runs Google Map and it also works perfectly in offline mode. You can track your pet even without the use of Wi-Fi. It also has the following features:

  • Application that runs in Google Map even in Offline Mode
  • Can track up to 21 hunting dogs
  • Geo-fence mechanism that informs you if your dog goes beyond the virtual fence
  • GPS is updated every two seconds
  • Free app download
  • Tracking-only mode feature to save battery
  • Power coverage either high or low
  • Nine-mile tracking range
  • Has audible tone and nick mode
  • Accommodates 35-pound dogs
  • Waterproof E-collar receiver

TK-STAR TK909 GPS Tracker

Text Command Functions, Battery Life Text Communication, Real Time Tracking, Requires FMS Sim to Function, Call notificationsOne of the most sought-after technological advances is the TK909 GPS Tracker because of its innovative features when it comes to GPS tracking. It is an affordable tracker so almost everyone can avail it.

It has a lot of great and useful features like sending and receiving text messages to the GPS tracking device for the purpose of reporting locations and proximities. You can even call the device and listen to the sounds in the surroundings.

  • Requires a GSM Sim to function
  • Smartphone with Internet browsing capability is required
  • Text command functions allows you to receive texts through the GPS tracker
  • Battery life text communications allows you to receive alerts if your battery is already low, before it totally drains
  • Call notification allows you to call the device and listen to the surroundings of your dog
  • Real-time tracking allows updates every 2 seconds

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