GPS trackers are helpful devices that make it easier for owners to keep an eye on their therapy dogs. This tool is indispensable when it comes to locating the exact location of the dog. In times of emergencies, the GPS tracker will send data regarding the exact point where the device is located.

There are a lot of GPS trackers on the market that is suitable for therapy dogs. They have features that will be beneficial in keeping track of the activities of these dogs. They come in a variety of sizes, and they include a broad range of features that you can maximize.


These convenient GPS trackers for therapy dogs can help owners and their therapy dogs in various ways. These pet wearables can be used for:

  • On-demand tracking of your dog’s activities and whereabouts
  • Locating your dog within a specified radius of the device
  • Setting up of virtual fences and alarms when your dog goes out of the zone
  • View the activity data of your dog to ensure he is in good shape
  • Continuous monitoring of movement
  • Detecting any unusual activity of your dog


Using GPS Trackers provides you with several benefits as a therapy dog owner. With a pet wearable like this:

  • Your Therapy dog will have a heightened level of safety, whether indoors or outdoors
  • You don’t need to worry that your dog might run away
  • Helps in avoiding dangerous situations like dognapping and illegal dog-keeping
  • Less painful than dog microchips
  • Serves as a communication device because you can connect it to different social media platforms.
  • Can be connected via Mobile Application to ensure greater accessibility


GPS Trackers are helpful devices that ensure the safety of your therapy dogs, but you must also remember that no system is created to be perfect, and these trackers are also one of these systems that have flaws as well.

One of the biggest consideration that you need to think of is the installation process. It will cost you money just to install the application. Since GPS trackers use satellite services, then you might need to pay a monthly subscription fee.

Another concern is that you also need to consider the weak coverage in some spots. Like cell phones, these GPS Trackers can malfunction if it is located in a poor coverage area. Before availing of a tracker, try to put these considerations in mind first.

Current Products

The Paw Tracker

 The Paw Tracker, Real Time Tracking, Geo-Fence, Flashing LED Lights, Historical Route MechanismIf you are looking for an easy-to-carry GPS tracker for your dog, The Paw Tracker is one of the lightest trackers that you can get. Your therapy dog won't be burdened by its weight because it is built with your dog's comfort in mind.

Why choose this from the broad array of selections on the market? Check out its incredible features:

  • Provides tracking that will allow you to locate your dog in a Real Time setting
  • Historical Route Mechanism lets you go over the data where your dog has been for the entire day
  • The Geo-Fence feature allows you to set customized alerts if your dog leaves the area
  • Flashing LED Lights are also installed so you can see your pet in the dark

POD 2 GPS + WIFI Tracker & Activity Monitor

POD 2 GPS Tracker, locating of pet on demand, record therapy dog’s adventure, Activity Monitor, 2G coverageRegarding weight and convenience, the POD 2 GPS Tracker is also one of the most sought-after trackers in the market. You can attach it to a dog collar of any size. It makes it convenient to use for larger or smaller therapy dogs.

  • Locating your pet on demand wherever your therapy d will go
  • Records your Therapy Dog’s adventures within the day and monitors all the activities
  • POD 2 Tracker uses 2G Coverage. You can check your address on their website
  • Activity Monitor allows you to keep track of your therapy dog’s activities in the entire day
  • Device is Wi-Fi compatible


POD 2 GPS Tracker, locating of pet on demand, record therapy dog’s adventure, Activity Monitor, 2G coverageThe WUF GPS tracker is notable for the uniqueness of its design since it is a connected collar. You can get it in three different sizes depending on the size and breed of your therapy dog. Just like other GPS trackers, it also comes with an activity monitoring function.

The best thing with this tracker is that you can keep in touch with your four-legged friend through the two-way audio enhancement. Its other features include:

  • Virtual Leash Mechanism that allows you to prevent your therapy dog from straying too far
  • Soft and flexible texture for ultimate comfort
  • Two-way audio communication that lets you talk to your dog wherever he is
  • Connected collar design
  • Available in three different sizes
  • Waterproof elastomer material for durability

Tractive GPS Tracker

Tractive GPS Tracker, Live Tracking, LED Light, Downloadable App, real-time GPS, real-time locationThis GPS Tracker allows you to keep track of your dog's real-time location. The best thing about this is that you can avail of an app for your mobile device. Whenever you are not with your therapy dog, you can rest assured that the Tractive GPS Tracker will keep your pooch under proper monitoring.

  • Live tracking allows you to track your dog real-time
  • LED light that can be turned on and off
  • Downloadable app for Android or iOS
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