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One of the most fundamental necessities that you should give your therapy dogs is the smart dog collar. As service dogs who provide comfort and entertainment to the young and elderly various establishments, therapy dogs need to be well-taken care of so they can keep making people smile. This pet wearable can provide an awful lot of information about your pet, and some models come with vet-implanted microchips that can store a tremendous amount of data.

If ever you lose your dog, this has can significantly increase his retrieval. More often than not, a therapy dog wearing a smart dog collar ends up at a shelter or vet thanks to this pet wearable. It is a known fact that there are a lot of dogs getting lost every day, and only a small percentage is being retrieved.

Luckily, there’s no need to think about that risk. Smart dog collars were created to keep your dog easily monitored. They are more secure, and you are guaranteed that the information stored in the tag will be useful in case an emergency situation arises concerning your therapy dog.


People have used pet IDs before, and these pet wearables have their benefits. However, manufacturers have made pet care convenient and technological with the advent of smart dog collars. They have a wide array of applications that can benefit you and your dog like:

  • Used as travel collars for therapy dogs, especially when they need to be apart from their owners.
  • Storing your dog’s details
  • Identification and retrieval of pet dogs
  • Safety of dogs when traveling


Using smart dog collars has benefits beyond what you can think of. They are infinitely more useful for pet owners, unlike the plainer dog tags. Therapy dog owners will definitely enjoy their benefits, which include:

  • It will be easier to locate your dog because some of the vet-implanted microchips contain viable information about your dog.
  • Retrieval rate of dogs will be higher
  • Your therapy dog will feel more comfortable wearing it because it is convenient to wear
  • It is lightweight and easy to attach to the collar of a therapy dog
  • Lower rate of dogs being brought to the shelter thanks to smart dog collars


One of the things that you need to consider is the price of a smart dog collar, especially for those models that have vet-implanted microchips. Expect that they’ll come with a higher price tag due to its modern and innovative features.

Another concern is the reliability of the information in the chips. No one can tell if they’ll work perfectly fine every time that you need to retrieve information.

Current Products

Dynotag QR Code

Dynotag, Black QR Code, GPS-enabled Collar, Smart Deluxe Steel, Quieting CoatingThe Dynotag is a smart dog collar that is really convenient to use. They are not only safe for your therapy dogs, but for cats as well. It is operated by entering the QR code into the browser. It can reveal the address and phone number of the dog owner.

As soon as you log the information, an email will be automatically sent to the owner of the dog. You can also access the tag views in the record. The good thing about this is that the person who found your dog can access your information through the information you provided on the tag.

As long as you have access to an Internet connection, you can surely use this smart dog collar to monitor your therapy dog. You can also customize the user profile in case there will be a change of details and information.

  • Comes in a round shape
  • Black/QR code smart dog collar
  • Hand collar
  • Made from steel and covered with a quieting coating
  • GPS-enabled collar that can be read with a smartphone
  • Smart deluxe steel luggage tag

Get Wuf Smart Dog Collar

GPS Locating System, Connection with Get Wuf App, Get Wuf Dog Collar, monitor your dog, Get WufThe Get Wuf Dog Collar has gained popularity among therapy dogs owners. With this collar, you can play, track, and monitor your dog. It has a wireless connection that allows you to monitor and track his location anywhere with cellular service or coverage. If you want to give the best care possible to your therapy dog, then check out these features:

  • GPS location system
  • Connection with Get Wuf dog owners
  • Reinvented dog training system

PinmeiScannable QR Pet ID Tag

PinmeiScannable ID Tag, Easy scan QR code, Found Pet Hotline, Free online profile, zinc alloy finishThe PinmeiScannable ID Tag is created with a paw design to make it attractive to dog owners. This is created using zinc alloy and finished with epoxy that contributes to its sleek finish. The construction of this smart dog tag is meant to add up to its durability, and it can be used in conjunction with smart dog collars for therapy dogs.

You can quickly retrieve the profile of any owner using this dog tag. If ever your therapy dog gets lost, the people who find him can see your details easily for the easy retrieval of your pooch. All you need to do is to scan the QR code for the easy locating of your pet.

Another notable feature is the 24/7 Found Pet Hotline. You can talk with a friendly representative any time of the day. This will make your search easier and faster. Web addresses are specified so you can easily be contacted by those who will find your dog. This pet wearable also has different features such as:

  • Storage of pet information with QR code and a free online profile for easy retrieval
  • Constructed from zinc alloy for a sleek finish
  • Sends you notification if ever your dog is already found
  • 24/7 found pet hotline that is staffed with a representative
  • Easy to scan the QR code

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