Puppy Love For You

To Grow A Healthy And Happy Puppy,

Your Family Needs A Lots Of Love, Attention,

Proper Nutrition And Plenty Of Supplies

What to Expect When you Bring Your Puppy Home?


The next few weeks and months are going to be very hectic taking care of your new family member. To ward off any heartbreaking health diagnosis, it is recommend to use DNA-Health test to see, does your puppy have;

  • Genetic Health risks
  • Medical complications
  • Drug sensitivities
  • Breed traits for care routine
  • Is she food-motivated in training

Obedience Training

Training takes us to the next phase, you need to prepare for an effective dog training that eliminates any;

  • Bad behaviors
  • Create obedience

Trust me, having a well-behaved dog will make you and your dog happier and healthier for the rest of your lives...and your mail man and neighbors will truly appreciate you!


Important part of having a happy and healthy dog is nutrition that provides sufficient nutrients to meet energy needs and to maintain and repair body tissues.

The amount you feed your dog should be based on her size and energy use.


A healthy dog is a happy dog.

With location and activity tracking, simple trackers and collars can help make sure your dog is both safe and healthy, and if she gets lost for some reason you will find her in minutes, not hours, days or god forbid never.

What Your Puppy Needs Now?

DNA - Health Test

Your dog can’t tell you when it’s sick.

Screen for 175+ health risks to prevent, plan, or treat.

Find out more about what information this one test reveals that may have your puppy’s life-saving implications

Obedience Training

Is your dog barking or interrupting, while you are working at home?

Every dog owner is after this groundbreaking dog brain training program. Your friends and family will thank you!

What Your Puppy Needs Tomorrow?

Proper Nutrition

You love your Puppy like your family, you should feed her like your family as well.

Provide precise blend of nutrients for a holistic health and well-being of your puppy.

Proper nutrition is the way to a happy and healthy dog.

GPS Tracking

Now you have your best friend, you need to protect her in case she ever gets lost.

Dogs do get lost, it happens every single day, so why not prepare to find her easily?

Dog GPS is your solution to find your best friend fast!

More Information About Trackers and Wearables

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