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You might be wondering, what is a Cat GPS Tracker? Well, a long story short, most dogs are kept to fenced yards and leashes, and their whereabouts are not usually a mystery, but cats are a different matter! If you let your cat outdoors, there’s no telling where he’s going to wander, and no fence is going to keep him contained.

That’s why more and more cat owners are turning to the GPS tracker cat collar to keep tabs on their tabbies. With many a GPS cat tracker on the market, here are the five best cat GPS trackers for you to consider.

Tabcat Pet tracker

Tabcat is literally a round tab that you attach to your cat’s collar, accompanied by a hand-held locator that helps you find your kitty when he’s hiding from you.

Features of tabcat GPS tracker

  • The tab you affix to your cat’s collar is a lightweight disk that is hardy enough to stay attached and continue functioning regardless of your cat’s environment.
  • It is light and affordable compared to some of the more “technologically advanced” GPS trackers, is easy to use, and can be used for as many as four different cats.
  • If you have ever played the game “hot and cold,” you will catch on immediately to how this tracker works. It guides you with red and green lights, telling you which direction to walk to find your cat. With beeps to inform you that you are getting closer to your goal, you can follow the handset’s directions to find your cat wherever she may be.
  • When you are within range of your cat’s collar, you will see a single red light. As you walk in the correct direction and get nearer to your cat, you will progress from the red lights to amber, and finally green.
  • With a patented technology based on radio frequencies, this cat finder can lead you to your feline wherever he might hide in the house, or wherever he might wander in your neighborhood.

Cons of tabcat cat tracker

  • If you are accustomed to using GPS-based mapping that shows you precisely where your family members are, or leads you from a current location to a designated destination, the Tabcat may seem too low-tech to you. It uses proximity and direction to lead you to your cat, but it does not show your cat’s location on a map. You actually have to follow the directional indications to find her, rather than knowing at a glance where she is.
  • The range of this tracker is also somewhat limited. You have to be within four hundred feet of her in order for the tracker to work.

Pros of tabcat cat tracker

  • Not only is this product useful in locating your wandering cat, it also can help you train her to come to you on command. When you activate your search function on the handset, your cat’s collar also begins to beep. With some training, cats can be conditioned to return to you when the beeping begins.
  • If your cat hasn’t come home when you expected her, she might be trapped in a neighbor’s garage, or be treed by a neighbor’s dog. Wherever she has wandered in your neighborhood, you can follow the lights and beeps of your Tabcat and be led directly to her location.
  • The handset allows you to activate a search for four different tabs, meaning you can outfit four different cats with Tabcat devices and search for them individually with the same device.

Pawtracker for cats

The Pawtracker is a paw-shaped tracking device that attaches to your cat’s collar and communicates with a mobile app on your phone. You can track your cat’s activity history on your phone or tablet, and locate her at a glance.

Features of pawtracker GPS

The PawTracker actually uses three different types of communication to locate your pet and alert you to her location.

  • The GPS system provides precise location.
  • The GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) uses the same cellular frequencies as your mobile phone.
  • WPS (Wifi Positioning System) can serve as a backup if the first two signals are blocked.

To use the PawTracker, you simply clip the paw-shaped device to your cat’s collar and then log into your mobile app on a tablet or phone.

Cons of paw tracker

  • The PawTracker currently only works in the U.S., in areas with Verizon cell service. You can check the coverage map on the company’s website to determine whether it will work in your area.

Pros of pawtracker

  • This GPS cat tracker can be clipped not only to your cat, but to any other item or person you want to keep track of. Some people use them on their kids’ backpacks, or even on an elderly family member whom they are watching.
  • With multiple systems for locating your cat, you will be able to find your feline even if you live in an area with spotty cell coverage or inadequate GPS signals. The PawTracker works with Verizon signals, but you do not have to be a Verizon customer yourself for your device to work.
  • You can download the “ReachFar” app on any iPhone or Android device and find your cat or track her history to see where she likes to roam.
  • The PawTracker is waterproof as well as shockproof, comes in three color choices, and is ready to use straight out of the box.

Weenact Cats

Weenact Cats is a GPS tracker for cat that interacts with an app on your smart phone to locate and collect information about your cat.

Features of weenact PGS for cats

  • When you tap on your phone, the unit on your cat will start ringing, flushing her out of her hiding spot and sending her home once you have trained her.
  • It also shows you what direction your cat is relative to the phone, and how close she is, so you can go to her if she doesn’t return on her own.
  • The GPS cat tracker collar is outfitted with a SIM card like a phone, permitting it to connect to your phone’s mobile app and provide geographical tracking for your cat.

Cons of weenact for cats

  • Some cat owners find this product more expensive than they would wish.
  • The ring function is not a favorite with people who have found it difficult to train their cats, although they say it can still help with locating the cat when she’s close enough for them to hear the ring.

Pros of gps weenect cats

This GPS cat tracker lets you locate your pet in different ways, including:

  • a “compass” reading (pointing the direction to walk to find your cat)
  • a map, if you want to see at a glance where she is
  • as well as a radar function, showing you where she is by inserting a label with her name in your phone’s camera view.

You can set your app to alert you if your cat wanders outside a geographic area you have designated, and you can track her current whereabouts as well as her past travels. Thanks to the GPS reliance of the tracker, there is no limit to its range.

Pawtrack GPS tracker

Pawtrack is another GPS cat tracker that was designed specifically and exclusively for cats.

Features of pawtrack tracker

  • Pawtrack is not just a collar; it’s a tracking service for which you pay on an ongoing plan basis.
  • You get the first three months free when you order the collar itself, and then you sign up for a plan to continue service tracking your cat.
  • You don’t need a phone app. Instead, you track your cat using any internet browser.

Cons of pawtrack cat tracker

  • Some cat owners dislike the somewhat heavy design of this collar, finding it too cumbersome for their smaller pets.
  • Others dislike the ongoing payments necessary to maintain the tracking service. Rather than the one-time fee of simply purchasing the product, cat owners have to sign up for an ongoing plan to continue coverage of their cat’s activity.
  • Still others object to the necessity to remove the collar and charge it regularly. Rather than operating on a long-lasting battery, this unit requires two hours of charging on a regular basis, during which time your cat is untrackable. If you forget to charge it (or if your cat is gone for an extended period) it will lose its charge and be rendered unusable.
  • The use of internet browser instead of a dedicated app is disappointing to some people, who are accustomed to managing everything from their lights and appliances to their children’s activities using mobile apps on their phones.

Pros of pawtrack GPS

  • Because this cat tracker GPS was designed exclusively for felines, it takes their wandering nature into account and lets pet owners look at their history to see where they go. You will probably be surprised to discover how far afield your cat likes to wander, and how much territory he covers during a night on the prowl!
  • Unlike models that rely on the cell service of a specific phone provider, this collar relies on GPS that works around the world. Even if someone were to pick up your cat and travel a long distance, your tracker would show you precisely where your cat was, for as long as its battery held out.

Tractive GPS

Tractive is a GPS tracker for your active outdoor pet, utilizing GPS technology to allow you to track your cat wherever she goes.

Features of Tractive gps pet tracker

Tractive is a company that not only manufactures a great cat tracker, it also has created a variety of apps available for different uses with different pets. Apps include:

  • the location tracking
  • An activity tracker
  • A pet remote for use in training
  • And even an app that allows you to speak through your pet’s collar with a recording.

In addition to the tracker unit itself, Tractive offers a variety of accessories, collars, visibility vests, and other items for your pet.

Cons of Tractive pet tracker

  • Tractive is not a company that caters exclusively to cats, and many of their products are geared toward dog owners, with specific editions like the tracker for hunting dogs. Nevertheless, their small pet tracker works well for cats as well as for dogs.
  • Some cat owners find the Tractive unit somewhat bulky for their cat’s collar, and others dislike the fact that the unit needs to be charged regularly.
  • Different adapters are available for travel, or for charging by USB, but the fact remains that the unit must be charged regularly in order to maintain its functionality.

Pros of Tractive tracker

  • Tractive focuses on the larger picture of pet ownership, producing not only the pet wearable accessories, but also a variety of mobile apps and the Tractive Photos social media platform where pet owners can interact with one another and post pet photos.
  • If you are a pet owner of multiple pets, you can adopt the system for your dogs as well as your cat, and make use of the dog training applications along with tracking technology.

Using a GPS Cat Tracker

Cats are notorious for getting themselves into scrapes because their curiosity leads them into places where they can be accidentally trapped or even transported. It is not unheard of for a cat to jump into an open window to explore a neighbor’s house, but if that “house” is an RV, your cat could end up hundreds of miles away.

Cats have been known to be accidentally transported in moving trucks, company trucks, and other vehicles, with the driver all unaware of their stowaways. Whatever scrape your cat gets herself into, you can now track her down with the use of a GPS tracker.

You probably have no idea what your cat’s favorite neighborhood haunts are, where she wanders when she’s outside, or what she likes to explore, let alone how much ground she actually covers. With an activity tracker GPS unit, you can not only find your cat at any given time, but you can also get a feel for where she goes and what she does when she’s on the loose.

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