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If you’re looking for the best smart collar for your pet, it’s all a matter of what specific features you are looking for. Whether you’re in the market for a smart collar for cats or a smart collar for dogs, the pet care market is flooded with different designs and models.

You can find a smart dog training collar, activity trackers, health assistants, GPS locators, and even a smart pet collar that tells you about your pet’s moods.

With so many different options and models available, the real difficulty is choosing which one is the best fit for you and your pets. With that challenge in mind, here’s a buyer’s guide to help you find the best smart collar for you!

WUF collar

WUF collarWUF is a smart dog collar designed to do more than just find your pet.

  • Paired with its free app, this smart collar for dogs enables you to work on training issues as well as tracking your dog’s location and activities.
  • The WUF module uses Bluetooth and 3G cellular network, as well as GPS technology and a built-in compass to keep tabs on your dog.
  • There is no ongoing payment for data usage, although you can upgrade to a premium plan for more options.
  • With features like Virtual Fences (the ability to set up notifications if your pet wanders outside a designated zone) and Invisible Leash, you’ll never lose track of your dog.
  • The unit is sturdy and waterproof, and even allows you to use two-way audio to communicate with your dog using the cellular network.
  • The battery needs regular charging with a micro-USB connection.

Garmin’s Delta Smart collar

Garmin smart collarDelta Smart is manufactured by the GPS giant Garmin, and is designed as a smart dog training collar system.

  • Paired with the Garmin Canine app, this device allows you to track activity as well as send various types of signals or corrections useful for training your dog.
  • You can even add a “Keep Away Tag” that deters your dog from getting into specific off-limits areas.
  • In addition to your own training signals, the unit detects barking and uses stimulation training correction when your dog is barking.
  • You don’t have to be home with your pet to be training him, because you can remotely trigger deterring tone alerts, vibrations, or corrective stimulation directly to your dog’s collar.
  • It’s not only a training tool; it also monitors your dog’s activity levels so you can ensure he’s getting sufficient exercise.
  • And you can add an optional remote, which looks like a key fob and allows you to react to your pet’s behavior even when your phone isn’t in hand.

PetPace smart collar

Petpace smart collarPetPace is a smart pet collar specifically designed to monitor and send alerts about your pet’s health.

Unlike the GPS trackers that focus mainly on your pet’s location, this product is focused on your pet’s

  • vital signs
  • activities
  • and health.

The PetPace measures trends in

  • activity
  • temperature
  • pulse
  • respiration rates
  • calories
  • heart rate variability
  • and even changes in body posture that could identify injury or pain.

The PetPace collar collects continuous data and sends health alerts to your smart phone if your pet’s habits or vital signs warrant concern. Veterinarians particularly recommend this model of smart collar for pets who

  • are aging,
  • have behavioral concerns
  • have health care issues
  • or medical conditions.

The PetPace app is free, and compatible with Android as well as Apple operating systems. Along with the collar unit, you also receive a Gateway base station that wirelessly collects data from the collar and transmits it to the server in the cloud for analysis and alerts to be sent to your phone.

Link AKC collar

Link AKC collarLink AKC is designed to track the location and activities of your dog, as well as getting to know him better.

  • The location tracking and networking is accomplished using the nationwide AT&T phone coverage.
  • Because it uses cellular data, the device requires a service plan that can be billed monthly or annually.
  • The wellness features of Link AKC include accelerometers to identify how intensely your dog’s activities rate, and the artificial intelligence actually learns what serves as intense activity for a specific dog, thanks to an algorithm with patent pending.
  • With a remote-controlled sound stimulus, the Link AKC can also be used for training purposes, including positive as well as negative reinforcements.
  • In addition to the tracking capabilities that are common among many pet smart collars, this product includes features like “Adventures,” which allow you to record and save your shared adventures with your dog, and “Virtual Scrapbook.” Your saved Adventures include maps and time stamps, along with the photos you took along the route.

KYON smart collar

Kyon collarThe KYON tracker is capable of tracking your pet’s temperature and activity, and even communicates your pet’s moods to you via the app on your smart phone.

The collar will tell you if your pet is

  • happy
  • restless
  • sleepy
  • moody
  • overheated
  • or various other moods and conditions.

The Kyon unit even includes pacifier technology that can help deter your dog from engaging in dangerous fights, sending out a high frequency sound when you press a “Peace” button on your phone’s app.

  • It can be used as a bark collar as well, emitting ultrasound deterrent noise when your dog barks.
  • The battery lasts for up to thirty days between recharging, and the collar itself is the thinnest on the market, bypassing the clunkier clip-on devices that are commonly attached to existing collars.
  • The collar communicates wirelessly with a Base station, which in turn communicates with your mobile app as well as the KYON central server.
  • Embedded GPS technology allows you to locate and track your dog.

Jagger & Lewis collar

Jagger and LewisThe Jagger & Lewis device is a dog collar designed to understand your dog’s behavior, observe your dog in action, alert you to health and happiness metrics regarding your pet, and advise you on the care of your canine.

  • The activity tracker measures and assesses your dog’s sleep, agitation or stress, pain levels, thirst and hunger, and other measurements of health.
  • You receive alerts when patterns change or concerning incidents take place, or when behavioral problems crop up.
  • This device was developed by veterinarians and dog behaviorist Claude Beata, with an eye toward tracking and recording diagnostic metrics that could help in identifying diseases or health issues in your dog. Its sensors include detectors for stress, pain, and barking.
  • The Jagger & Lewis device is slightly bulky, measuring 2.3 by 1.2 inches, and over an inch thick, and is not recommended for dogs under four and a half pounds.
  • It is sturdy and waterproof, and allows you to customize the information about your dog when you first fire up the free app.
  • The collar will continue to learn specifics about your dog, using a unique matrix that “learns” your dog’s behaviors and habits.


ScollarThe Scollar is a full collar with embedded smart technology, suitable for use as a smart collar for cats or dogs. The collar gives you notifications and reminders for

  • feedings
  • medications
  • veterinarian appointments
  • and even applications of flea and tick repellants.


  • The Scollar app works smoothly with multiple collars so you can track multiple pets with ease.
  • The app also aids in tracking the training progress with your pet, keeping tabs on what commands your pet has mastered or which ones are still in the works. Its GPS capability allows you to find your pets, whether it’s time to bring the cat in for the night or whether your dog has wandered from the yard.
  • This device has a unique charging capability, consisting of a portable charging unit that magnetically sticks to the collar while it is still on your pet. The collar charges in less than two hours, and you never have to take it off your pet to charge.

Moggie smart collar

MoggieMoggie is specifically designed as a smart collar for cats, measuring the types and amounts of activity your cat is engaging in.

The collar and the smart device snap together, so you can remove the device for charging without having to take the whole collar off your cat.

  • The battery charge lasts for a couple weeks at a time, so you don’t need to worry about charging every day.
  • The collar itself features a break-away design that will unfasten if your cat should get snagged on something in her wandering.
  • The free Moggie app interacts with the collar so you can easily see what your cat has been up to during the day, and whether her patterns have changed from her normal activities.
  • It warns you if concerning patterns show up, giving you the option to call your vet directly from the app, and also provides reminders for events like vet appointments, medications, and other details related to your cat’s care.
  • The app easily pairs with multiple cats, and a cat’s collar can also pair with more than one person’s phone if there are multiple caretakers.


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