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Have you ever had a sled dog? If the answer is yes, then you probably know how imperative it is to have an activity monitor for him. Sled dogs are useful for transportation purposes such transferring goods from one place to another.

Another activity that these dogs do most of the time is sled sports, where they race with other sled dogs. To monitor the health status and behaviour of these hardworking sled dogs, it is essential to provide them with a good activity monitor.

These activity trackers are also meant to ensure the safety of your pooch. Aside from this, it can give you a preview on your dog’s training. You can be notified if they are getting lazy or not.


Sled dogs are used to be exposed in harsh and cold temperatures. However, it is still important to ensure their safety despite their strong bodies and immune systems. Here are some of the convenient uses of activity trackers for sled dogs:

  • Checking if the health condition of your dog is well-maintained
  • Finding any underlying health issues of your sled dog to prevent it from getting worse
  • Monitoring the activity of your sled for the entire day
  • Determining the tight exercise program for your pooch
  • Monitoring the location of your sled dog


Sled dog owners aren’t the only ones who will benefit from activity trackers. Your dog will also make the most out of this pet wearable. Here are some of the top benefits of using these activity trackers:

  • Provides good insight on the current health status of your dog
  • Serves as a window to your dog’s health
  • Helps you in determining the right exercise program for your sled dog
  • Helps you to develop a good diet plan to build the stamina of your sled dog
  • Provides you with a detailed history of activity within the day
  • You can revisit the activities that your dog did even when he’s not with you


One of the most common challenges in having an interactive activity tracker is the cost of the subscription. Most activity trackers on the market would require you to pay monthly for the cellular service. Aside from this, you might even be required to make an initial payment.

Another concern that you need to consider is the battery life of the device. You might want to opt for an activity tracker that has a rechargeable battery. In this case, you don’t need to replace it now and then to keep it working.

Current Products

Style and Substance, Dog’s Improvement in Training, communicate to other dog lovers, Map-enabled Features, Stay connected with your familyWonderWoof Activity Monitor

Would you like an Activity Monitor that is perfect for your sled dog? Then check out the WonderWoof. It is an activity tracker that helps keep your dog fit and healthy. The good thing about this tracker is that you can choose the breed of your dog for effective and more accurate data.

You can also schedule your pooch’s daily grooming using this activity tracker. You can even customize it according to your dog’s breed. You can use it even if you have multiple dogs. It’s other features include:

  • The style and substance of this activity tracker is ahead compared to most of the activity trackers in the market
  • There are recommended activity levels for your dog
  • Ability to monitor your dog’s health trend
  • You can be updated of your dog’s improvement in training
  • You can use it to communicate with other dog lovers
  • Map-enabled social features
  • Stay connected with your family or caretakers
  • You can daily set reminders for important appointments and medical events

StarWalker, Starlight, Stairstep, visibility for nighttime strolls, free downloadableDogtra IQ Pet StarWalker

The StarWalker is perfect for your sled dog because it gives a comprehensive approach to monitoring the activities and health of your pet. This pet wearable will definitely keep your best buddy in tip top shape. You can easily connect it to his collar without making him uncomfortable.

You can use your smartphone to easily get updated of your pooch’s daily activities. Wouldn’t it be great to know everything that has been happening to your dog? After all, they are part of your family. Keep your sled dog healthy with the StarWalker’s other features, which include:

  • You can download the application for free to start tracking your dog’s activities
  • Easy attachment and detachment from your dog’s collar
  • Keep track of the calories burned from the training
  • Let you measure the distanced traveled with your pooch
  • Keeps you updated on the activity of your dog
  • Starlight increases visibility for night time strolls
  • Steplight displays progression
  • Safe and Hypoallergenic for pets

TRACTIVe Motion Tractive Motion, Temperature and Light Measurement, Wireless Sync, Monthly Activity Button, Pet PointsActivity Tracker

The Tractive Moton is one of the best activity trackers that you’ll ever have. You can be sure that this device is tracking your pet’ activity 24 hours a day. All you need to do is to pin or attach the device to your dog’s collar to start monitoring his activities and health status. It’s other features include:

  • Light-weight and easy to carry
  • Free downloadable app for Android and iOS
  • Daily statistics about your dog and daily goal setting
  • Pet points let you set daily goals for your dog
  • Monthly activity button allows you to track the day-to-day operations of your pet
  • Temperature and light measurement is also available
  • High-resolution display allows you to see and collect pet points quickly
  • Wireless sync lets you gather data from your phone
  • 100% waterproof

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