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Collars are accessories we put on dogs not just to make them look good but primarily to identify them. Traditionally, a dog’s collar will contain their user’s information that finders can contact in case they get lost.

With the advent of technology, dog collars have evolved from simply being an identifying accessory to a device that is not just functional, but smart. Hence, the smart collars were invented.

Smart collars are electronic devices that are incorporated into a dog’s collar. Instead of the old-fashioned leather or nylon, dog collars now come with attachments and modules that are very functional and futuristic.

What Smart Collars Can Do

Smart Collars for dogs can do a variety of things nowadays. Especially for police dogs, there are smart collars that have GPS trackers or locators, activity trackers, remote trainers and health monitor. These functions can be combined in one collar, making it a smart collar.

Here is a list of some smart collars available now and what they can do. These smart collars contain features that may be available in separate collars or a combination of features in one collar:

GPS Trackers

This collar is dependent on Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and works to track and pinpoint your dog’s location. This technology can either be GSM /cellular-based or Radio-based.

Activity Trackers

Activity trackers monitor your dog’s activity and record them. This data is particularly useful for police dogs especially when an activity report is needed by the court.

Dog Trainer

For K9 units, it is important that there are no digressions from what the police operation requires. Therefore, any disruptive or unwarranted behavior are corrected right away. Too much barking may tip-off the suspect when police are trying to catch them unexpectedly.

Health Monitors

Ensuring the health of police dogs is important. Therefore, health monitors that make sure a dog’s temperature doesn’t go too high or too low are essential.

Exercise Monitors

Like activity trackers, smart collars with exercise monitors allow you to monitor how many steps your dog has taken, and how it compares to their age, breed, and weight. This is relevant to know whether a dog is healthy or not.

Barrier Trainer

Often, owners cannot monitor their dogs all the time, so having a barrier trainer is a great way of teaching your dog to not go beyond the invisible fence. This is particularly useful in homes when you do not want your dog to go near some areas like the kitchen or the pool.

Remote Trainer

This device allows you to train your dog using a remote control. You can also train multiple dogs at once if you use this smart collar.

What Makes Smart Collars Useful

Smart collars are definitely useful depending on what function you need it for. For police dogs, the most important smart collars are the GPS, activity tracker and health monitor. Here’s why:

GPS Tracker

It ensures that you can locate your dog wherever they are whenever never in case they have strayed too far. Whenever you need police dogs to face high-risk situations, you can still track their whereabouts just by checking the GPS. You can also pull out and analyze real-time data as needed. It can also determine the police dog’s activities and patterns so you can use the data for advanced training purposes

Activity Tracker

It records a police dog’s activity and can see where the dog went at which time. For the police, this is useful in making reports for court purposes, which can be used to help in the police investigation

Health Monitor

It can track the dog’s health situation. When a police dog tends to overwork, the handler can monitor the dog’s status at any time using the device. This smart collar can track changes in a dog’s temperature and send an alert when it reaches alarming levels. Some collars can also passively monitor a dog’s activity and measure the steps in comparison to their physical status.

Benefits of Smart Collars

3. PetSafe Smart Dog Trainer CollarDepending on what the functions are, smart collars are very advantageous to the police force. This is an intelligent solution to make police dogs more efficient in accomplishing their work. Since a dog cannot use a mobile phone, handlers can use the GPS trackers to know their location.

Some smart collars are truly revolutionary. Some can light up to show how your dog may be feeling. This is helpful for their wellness as it ensures they are not getting stressed.

Generally, smart collar benefits dog handlers in the police force because it makes the dogs smarter. By conditioning them with the help of smart collars, they can be trained to behave, act and be the best police dog any police force need.

Challenges with Smart Collars

As with any technological breakthrough, the greatest problem would be the limitations of what each smart collar can do. More likely than not, a police dog would require more than one of the features in smart collars, and it would be best if they can be customized or mixed and matched depending on what the handlers feel the dog needs.

Some of the Best Smart Collars Around1. LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar

1. LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar

  • Uses GPS tracking technology
  • Activity levels can be customized
  • Comes with app-controlled LEDs (for visibility)
  • Temperature alerts


2. PetSafe Pawz Away Pet Barrier2. PetSafe Pawz Away Pet Barrier

  • Meant to keep dogs away from certain areas or places at home
  • Range is adjustable up to six feet
  • Additional transmitters for barriers can be added


3. PetSafe Smart Dog Trainer Collar

  • It’s waterproof up to five feet
  • Has smartphone functionality
  • Comes with a dedicated app

Before making your purchase, make sure to choose the best collar that meets your needs.

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